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08 Nov 2018
FS Online Defensive Handgun Course
Your Safe Gun Handling, Speed, and Accuracy will Improve Dramatically by Completing Our Online Defensive Handgun Course! Combat pistol shooting is a modern martial art that focuses on the use of the handgun as a defensive weapon for self defense Increase Your Handgun Skills With The Experts-Front Sight-Defensive Pistol Video Training-Oakland CA Most Recent Upload Due to the recent rise in shootings across the US, Front Sight has decided to make this Online Defensive Handgun Video Course available to everyone for #1.00. We're Positively Changing The Image of Gun Ownership. Front Sight Online Defensive Handgun Course For $1.00 learn handgun basics and safety, Our 1-day online course "basic handgun" right from the Front Sight Course Curriculum. This Online Defensive Handgun Course is perfect for the person that owns a handgun and has not received any real firearm safety training from a credited school. It's also great for the person planning on attending a course at Front Sight as beforehand knowledge of what to expect and an advantage over the rest of the students In your course already knowing range commands and our safety procedures throughout the course. Video instruction on Firearm Safety & Gun Handling; this video training follows the Front Sight 1 Day Defensive Handgun Course Curriculum taught at their 550-acre world class training facility near Las Vegas NV. Your safety, Gun Handling, Speed, and Accuracy will all improve dramatically by completing this defensive handgun at home video course. You will learn the following 4 universal firearm safety rules. Handgun Terminology. Understanding shooting range commands. Understanding how a semi-auto handgun & a revolver work. Handgun ammunition, selection, and function. Proper Dry Practice Loading and unloading techniques Proper shooting grip and Proper shooting stance. The 3 secrets of proper sight alignment and trigger control Proper trigger reset. Tactical reload. Emergency reload. Type 1-2-& 3 malfunction clearances. After action drills and so much more. **Take a Video Arieal Tour of Our Training Facility Here:** ***Learn The Four Universal Firearm Safety Rules Here:*** ***SPECIAL***For your first 4-day handgun course with a 1 day 30 State Concealed Carry Course Plus all 7 Dry Practice Training Manuals Go HERE - Makes an Affordable Life Changing Gift. Free Download "Our Student Prep Manual" FS Online Defensive Handgun Course RSS Feed #IncreaseYourHandgunSkillsWithTheExpertsOaklandCA #IncreaseYourPistolShootingSkillsWithTheExpertsOaklandCA #$1.IncreaseYourHandgunSkillsWithTheExpertsOaklandCA #ImproveYourPistolHandlingSkillsOaklandCA #ImproveYourPistolShootingSkillsOaklandCA #LearnProperSafeGunHandlingOaklandCA #ImproveYourGunHandlingSkillsWithTheExpertsOaklandCA #FSDefensiveHandgunVideoCourse #FSOnlineDefensiveHandgunCourse #BasicHandgunVideoTraining #OnlineHandgunSafetyandBasicsVideoTraining #HandgunBasicsVideoCourse Gun Safety is about techniques for the safe handling, possession, and storage of firearms. 37.8044° N, 122.2711° W FS Online Training Channel URL Front Sight Reality Check Playlist Go Here: Go to to watch informative and entertaining original Front Sight TV Shows. Front Sight Training Article Video Series Front Sight YouTube Channel URL Front Sight Google+ RSS Feed Social sharing sites. Front Sight on Google+ - Front Sight on Facebook - Front Sight on Twitter - Front Sight on Instagram - Basic Handgun Safety video Training Online Handgun Basics Video Training Online Handgun Safety Course
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