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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Wish vs As Seen on TV: 5 Items Compared!

Wish vs As Seen on TV: 5 Items Compared! – Video

Here is a comparison of 5 As Seen on TV items ordered from vs the same 5 items purchased in stores. The items are True Touch Glove, Dust Daddy, Hurricane Fur Wizard, Clear TV Key, and Egglettes.

Watch my original reviews of each:
• True Touch Glove:
• Dust Daddy:
• Fur Wizard:
• Egglettes:
• Clear TV Key:

• My Camera:
• Lapel Mic:
• Audio Recorder:
• Some of my top picks on Amazon:

0:00 Introduction
1:40 True Touch Pet Glove
4:45 Dust Daddy
7:57 Hurricane Fur Wizard
12:38 Clear TV Key
15:08 Egglettes
17:30 Final Thoughts

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Wish vs As Seen on TV: 5 Items Compared! – Youtube

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29 thoughts on “Wish vs As Seen on TV: 5 Items Compared!”
  1. Re: the Fur Wizard…you’re just paying $19 for the name and the base. it’s no different than a store lint brush, which the Wish wand proved

  2. bought a smart watch and got a pack of cleaning pack. and vape and accessories – fake as they failed in 2 days. paid using paypal, and support refused to my emails all they will not respond. I will have to go using the PayPal Dispute Scheme as they will not respond. People don't use Wish. Maybe this will prompt response as they don't like this PayPal Scheme. And waste of delivery charge. also I have NEVER yet found a pick-up store – ALL SHOW 0 AVAILABILITY. AND they don't respond – also always use PayPal, their Scheme are very good. immediately knew this was a known issue. Take care. Don't buy wireless security systems, hacked with the same hack system they sell it themselves. It is hacked and blocked in seconds. Hope they realise that I will pursue this, small amount of £5, which they expect people leave the hassle. not me WISH.COM, tomorrow I will start all proceedings plus expenses caused by incorrect gifts for XMAS kids. Hope they now respond.

  3. That Hurricane Fur Wizard is nothing new. The only thing that is new is the sleeve that cleans the brush. I bought over 40 years ago in Europe a slightly smaller brush, one side made of that material that attaches to fur and hair and dust, and the other side has small spike-like "teeth" that can remove something that is stuck into a fabric weave. I still have it, if I remember correctly it was made in Germany, then still West Germany. The instructions said to clean the brush by wiping it on a piece of fabric, something smooth like jeans or twill etc, in the opposite direction. It gets clean literally with one swipe, no cleaning sleeve needed. It works well and is small enough to have in a suitcase when traveling. I can bet that wish brush without the sleeve works just as well, the cleaning was not done correctly in this video. The so-called "original" that is a copy of something made already 40 years ago is just a gimmick to sell something cheap at a ridiculously high price. The "magic" is in knowing to use the materials right but most likely the Wish brush did not explain how simple the cleaning of the brush is. Love your reviews though, you are the best reviewer.

  4. it takes so long for the wish products because they send them by surface mail meaning that they ship the parcels in 20ft containers and load them to a boat and send them to the us by sea and then it goes to your house all the way by road until final destination

  5. I have compared Wish with eBay and saw better prices on eBay especially since 90% of stuff I buy on eBay there is free shipping

  6. I have Great Danes and I feel like they shed a lot. But, I can only imagine what the shedding must be like having a Golden Retriever or any dog like that. Those are crazy shedders.

  7. I would be careful using the fake egglets.

    The plastic used in some of them are not safe to cook food in and can leak toxins.

    I would stick to the genuine ones, that should have been properly tested.

  8. To remove the hair from the brush without a base, rub it backwards on a cloth or on your knee. The hair rolls up and is easy to remove.

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