ALO#YQRGFSJK> Will XRP And Cardano Stay In Top 10 For 2022? (Best Altcoins For New Year) -
Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Will XRP And Cardano Stay In Top 10 For 2022? (Best Altcoins For New Year)

Will XRP And Cardano Stay In Top 10 For 2022? (Best Altcoins For New Year) – Video

On today’s show, we will discuss the Robinhood wallet finally launching. The date has been finally announced after months of waiting! Also, South Korea cracks down on play-to-earn. Can one of the largest gaming communities bring down a whole sector? Finally, can XRP and ADA hold top 10 status?

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Cryptofactor, Altcoin Daily, CryptoJebb and Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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Crypto Factor:

Altcoin Daily:


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Will XRP And Cardano Stay In Top 10 For 2022? (Best Altcoins For New Year) – Youtube

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24 thoughts on “Will XRP And Cardano Stay In Top 10 For 2022? (Best Altcoins For New Year)”
  1. in my opinion something is not correct in ada.

    the project has been around for a long time and still goes with a price of 1.20 cents with a capital large or equal to many others at 3th place, than the value the others, per token above $20, $50, $100.
    ADA 1,20 cent

    something its not right.

  2. Its Sunday, 1/2. The video came out three days ago, why am I receiving notification 3 days after the fact. I am supposed to receive "ALL" notifications!!!

  3. You asked the other day if i had a million what coins would i buy,well if you give me a million i will tell you.

  4. Absolutely brilliant talk from Crypto Jebb about Cardano. He was absolutely on point! The greatest entrepreneurs and business owners build a great business first, build a great ecosystem, a great product, form partnerships, develop networks, etc FIRST and the value will come later. That’s what makes ADA and Charles such a long term easy decision to invest in. They don’t care about price! They care about quality and development. The value and price will absolutely rise later. All the people who FUD and make fun of ADA are small minded and can’t understand how true value is built and they are certainly NGMI.

  5. ADA has no rivals.. traders dont know that because they are like crack heads chasing their next fix..

  6. "We don't care if you came in through Shiba Inu." Lol! What a terrible example. Bookmarking this… I know Shiba millionaires from this years growth, and 2022 and 2023 will only bring more. You're in denial if you don't realize that Shiba inu will out run the likes of ADA this year and next year. Best advice HOLD ALL! Don't deny your followers gains because you prefer to pump the projects you're invested in. But hey this is YouTube! Also – Happy new year ! I appreciate your work over the past couple of years!

  7. Got a CRO card?
    Bought ZADA or thinking about it?
    did you know it has almost instant spendable rewards?
    You can transfer your ADA to your CRO fund?

  8. You are producing good contents 💪 Appreciate it! I also talk about crypto and NFT's in my channel. You guys can give me a check if you want and also let me know what you think about my contents.

  9. I don't own any of these coins at the moment. I had a few Cardano coins, but I got rid of them. And I do not know if I will decide to use my USDT and purchase any of these coins.

  10. Korea doesn't want it's citizens making money off of gaming. Shocker! No government wants it's citizens getting rich and having choices. They all want nice obedient sheep. 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑

  11. I am an XRP holder and entusiastic about the project but something keeps bugging me. Can anyone explain simply to me how the future price can rise substantially when the main utility for this token comes from the banks using it but they will obtain their XRP from Ripple and not the market place? Thank you

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