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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Where do I stake my ADA the best way?

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Where do I stake my ADA the best way?


Where do I stake my ADA the best way? – Reddit


16 thoughts on “Where do I stake my ADA the best way?”
  1. Happy to help. The steps are as follows:

    1. Open a new personal wallet via Yoroi or Daedalus (the official cardano wallet softwares with your seed phrase you can use both it does not matter).

    2. Safe guard your seed phrase or use a hardware wallet.

    3. Move your ADA off exchange to the new personal wallet.

    4. Go into the delegation centre of Yoroi or Daedalus and register with a stakepool.

    5. Sit back and relax.

    Happy Staking!

  2. Me personally I use the Yoroi Wallet to hodl and stake there. It’s easy to use and setup . And if u stake with a pool that is a scooper for sundae swap , u get those tokens along with the usual ADA rewards .

  3. If you want to participate in airdrops while you stake consider checking out stake pools for protocols like MELD, RayNetwork, Minswap etc. You can earn your Ada but also rewards from those protocols too.

  4. I hear ADA is best staked in a cardboard box wrapped in a 1970s home knitwear magazine. Keep. It out of direct sunlight. It degrades very quickly in light.🗞

  5. It’s probably been mentioned already but I like the Yoroi Wallet. It was fairly simple and easy to use. Just waiting to see the rewards.

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