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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

What Michael Burry Just Said About Bitcoin And Why We Should All Pay Attention

What Michael Burry Just Said About Bitcoin And Why We Should All Pay Attention – Video

The Big Short’s Michael Burry has some big warning signs around Bitcoin and crypto.

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What Michael Burry Just Said About Bitcoin And Why We Should All Pay Attention – Youtube

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21 thoughts on “What Michael Burry Just Said About Bitcoin And Why We Should All Pay Attention”
  1. CBDC the new world order, that's already being put into place. China has already started with their government workers and will add the rest of the country next year or two. Then many other countries will follow, their CB are already set up to go. Then UBI will be done.

  2. It's a game of hot potato that's all. The one holding it will get burned at the end. Meanwhile, pop open another bottle while the party last.

  3. There are a thousand reasons why crypto-currency investments will end badly. No asset backing, no intrinsic value, no government sponsorship etc etc etc — people may have made a fortune on crypto, but unlike equities when it pops it will pop 100%.

  4. The church/govt of the 1400s couldn't stop the spread of knowledge (heresy to church/govt) after the invention of the printing press anymore than modern govt can prevent decentralization after the implementation of blockchain. Technology moves in one direction and defi has an enormous head start that rules can't reach.

  5. PEOPLE. A bubble is MASS HYSTERIA. When in the state, people won't want to hear ANYTHING about the price going down. They are too wrapped up in the gains to think logically. As a result, the price PUMPS. Everyone wants in. Then once everyone has accumulated what they can there are no longer any sellers. Then the price TANKS. It's so simple, but EMOTIONS get in the way.

  6. Tyrants hide behind deceptions and unjust regulations. Tyranny doesn't work. People fighting together against tyranny works. My bet is on the people.

  7. I live in UK, I bought 2 Bitcoins August 2020 at £8200, now one coin is £46100 who can do the maths please 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. He may be right, but I hope he is wrong. If not, what kind of kind dictatorship we are going to tolerate? What would we become? Slaves?

  9. brain wash people that it going to fail that way you don't buy it. no one controls the crypto like the stock market.

  10. The mature newsstand hisologically march because trombone embryologically overflow from a hard-to-find lawyer. tangy, special seed

  11. I really didn’t understand his analysis in relation with the videos or quotes. He is bizarrely swinging in his interpretations. Not speaking clearly at all.

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