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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Upcoming ada nft collections?

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Upcoming ada nft collections?


Upcoming ada nft collections? – Reddit


16 thoughts on “Upcoming ada nft collections?”
  1. I released one as an auction project yesterday. But it’s very different from normal NFT drops as one 1 will be released per week for 6 years.

    The native asset standard on Cardano will make Cardano NFTs extremely popular in the future.

  2. There are a lot. Some of my favorites:

    * Yummi Universe
    * CNFT Legends
    * Cardano Village
    * Happy Hoppers
    * Cardania (minting now)
    * Cardano Race (minting now, not getting enough love imo)

    And for the self-plug: I own one of only two 1/1 SundaeSwap NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain. They did a collab with Yummi Universe and released “Sundae 1/1” and “Swap 1/1”, each with different art. I hold Swap 1/1. If anyone is interested, just hit me up.

  3. There will be cardano ninjas season 2, i will mint one
    There is another project CARdano4speed.
    Pavia is a related metavers project on cardano

  4. Politikoz

    Stake pool: PLKOZ

    Raffle game that pays out rewards in ADA, multiple ways to win, low barrier to entry.

    I HIGHLY reccommend checking it out. Actual financial advice.

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