ALO#YQRGFSJK> TOP 5 BEST TH10 ATTACK STRATEGIES FOR 2021 with AND without Siege Machines | Clash of Clans -
Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Also TESTING Super Wizard Invisibility Blimp (BLIZZARD) and we explore the BEST TH10 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans for …


45 thoughts on “TOP 5 BEST TH10 ATTACK STRATEGIES FOR 2021 with AND without Siege Machines | Clash of Clans”
  1. Maybe they changed that Townhall 10 is unable to use invisible spell, this video is a year old and I've only been playing for a few months

  2. I don't know how they are using the invisible spell, my Townhall 10 doesn't have it yet, I have to upgrade to Townhall 11

  3. I just started playing after like 3 years .I have a th ten maxxed except for heroes. Anyone recruiting? Is there a discord?

  4. You don’t get a invisibility spell until Townhall 11, so how is he using it if he’s attacking at a Townhall 10 level

  5. The blizzard used 3 spells. The electrone used 6 spells. It fully depends on which follow up attack you do and how much spell support they need. Hybrid/ LaLo is good with blizzard.

  6. Has the "tournament banned" broken th10 3 star strategy with the mass lightnings been nerfed already/yet? Sorry, I'm a recently returning player trying to relearn whats meta for th10 war strats. Cheers.

  7. Most of your videos are totally useless sometimes. Maybe its your ego because you said a lot of things that are not important and it doesn't make us a better player. And your video captions are misleading. Just my opinion, sorry

  8. Keep in mind you invested 3 more spell space on your electrone. Would like to see how the super wizards do under clone spell.

  9. Why u guys always show a easy base that can be defeated with any kind of troops?

    Try to show the best defenses and then show us the best troops for destroy them!

  10. Looking for a good clan? Blue elixir could use your help.. active members donating often warring all the time

  11. Nice video! I always learn lots of good tips from you. For what it's worth, I only purchase the gold package every month, and lots of the various books on the daily deals in the shop. With EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE though, i'm always sure to enter creator code "eric" for the past 8 months! Oh Baby, It's A TRIPLE!!!

  12. Problem is we all dont get siege machine everytime we neeedd…our clanmates wont b online in the morning especially

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