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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

This strange automatic dish cleaner is wild!

This strange automatic dish cleaner is wild! – Video

This automatic dish washer is bizarre and probably unnecessary, but still very interesting to try out! I found it on Aliexpress.

Shoutout to Barry Lewis who tried it a couple years ago in this video:

Here’s the Amazon listing, although it’s very expensive there.

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0:00 Intro & Unboxing
1:14 Overview of Features
3:02 Fresh Stain Test
6:07 Tough Stain Test
9:22 Final Thoughts

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This strange automatic dish cleaner is wild! – Youtube

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26 thoughts on “This strange automatic dish cleaner is wild!”
  1. I have a back problem and leaning into the sink, using both hands is painful to my back very quickly. I can see this as an answer to 'my' problem. I doubt 'll get one, however, its limited application would still require pots, square storage containers, glassware, etc. be washed the usual way. (Wish I had room for a dishwasher). : )

  2. Maybe use a sink of soapy water. Wastes a lot of water using it under running water. I don't agree with others, that it would be good for someone with arthritis. As someone with pain in my hands and wrists I wouldn't be able to hold it very long if at all. I agree there was something oddly satisfying about it clamping on to the bowl. When I watch the video I just keep thing dangerous Will Robinson.

  3. The reason he has the new apartment is he’s dating the Jacey girl (21 years old, James is 52) that was in his pillow video and she moved in to it.

  4. i disagree with most comments. I dont think anyone with arthritis or problems holding will benefit from this device. if you cant hold a plate, you will not be able to hold a plate clamped in a moving device either. id rather use a big brush with the plate sitting down in the sink than this.

  5. Enjoyed the review. It would have been good to see the results with soap, or fill the sink with soapy water and then use.

  6. Maybe if they Put in a holder that would use The Blue Dawn dish soap it would clean Under HOT water lol

  7. Really enjoy your channel, that thing is wacky and unnecessary it seems like there’s an extra step and takes longer
    I just scrub my dishes with an OXO soap dispensing brush , it looks like a plastic alien grasshopper
    And can the brushes be replaced
    Hmmm.. anyway great review

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