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The Issue

The Issue – Online video

Horror-master, John Carpenter (Halloween, Escape from New York) teams Kurt Russell’s excellent functionality with remarkable visuals to make this chilling edition of the common The Factor. In the wintertime of 1982, a twelve-man investigation group at a remote Antarctic investigation station discovers an alien buried in the snow for about 100,000 decades. At the time unfrozen, the type-shifting alien wreaks havoc, produces terror and results in being a person of them.


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41 thoughts on “The Issue”
  1. Lotsa great lines in this movie. One I like a lot is near then end when Mac asks Garry about the generator and He says, "it's gone". Mac then asks if it can be fixed and Garry's reply is "MAC, IT'S GONE!"

  2. is beén 40 decades ago this super classic the thing i'm still watching over and over and over again is great fucking movie of all time👌

  3. This film is a horror/Sci fi legend!! Masterpiece.

    For a movie to produce so much suspense, fear, doubt, disbelief…. That's great art.

    Those practical effects are far superior in being terrifying than any computer graphic. This stuff is tangible man, you can touch it….

    "The Thing" is truly despicably scary good. No, scary… Great!

  4. It's barely noticeable but between 1:04:24 and 1:04:26, right before the tape recording scene switches to behind Macready, the door moves ever so slightly. Slow the playback speed down and you can clearly see it. I don't know if this was intentional or not but considering how there are other minor details like this it makes me wonder if that has any implications. Plus the angle of the shot begs you to pay attention to what is going on behind him.

  5. One of the rare horror movies where there are no fools, no one makes stupid decisions. Yet the creature is dangerous enough to decimate them still.
    Brilliant film with a brilliant soundtrack.

  6. While the scary effects and wild ending are cool, the most important aspect of this film is the feeling of dread that it creates. The scene where the computer predicts complete human assimilation is so chilling. The simple sound track (bump bump of an electric bass) is also pretty amazing. The film was seen as an allegory to the AIDS epidemic.

  7. My first ever Carpenter film was watched in my dad’s spooky open joist walled basement, while I was curled up in a delapidated Lay-z Boy chair at 3 a.m. where I watched the Thing from an old analog t.v…
    I was hooked on his films and Kurt Russell;-) ever since.

  8. now, in reality , with the us military, there is NO WAY the Norwegians would have gotten away blowing up anything much less their own noses, without the other military bases in the area knowing about it. The vibrations of the xplosion alone would have sent out warnings. But,…in a blizzard or downed radio communications, all bets are off.

  9. examples of great horror film making. NOT special FX or CGI, but simply capturing the intense, strange look from the dog when it stares at people or something. You can feel "something " is going to happen. Sometimes, in a scene, NO ONE should be talking….just the LOOK on their faces in response to something. Let the "impact" of a scene set in, on the viewers. They don't make movies like that anymore. THAT IS WHY when they make the movie MORBIUS in the MCU it will SUCK. This is why in the scene when ULTRON FIRST makes his appearance physcially in Avengers 2, it LACKS THE IMPACT and sucks.

  10. Fun fact l, the director left a Lil clue to who was the thing. Humans have a certain life to their eyes after all.

  11. I really think I'm the only one who doesn't like this movie. Like, it's entertaining for what it is, but so many points in this movie there were chances for them to survive and even escape, and they just don't lmao they establish a plan and rules and then proceed to break them immediately. For instance, they say early on that being alone is a bad idea, fast forward to the blood testing scene and after they confirm that the four of them are not 'the thing', what do they do? 3 of them immediately leave, leaving the 4th alone lol after seeing what happens in the facility, and seeing that dog transform into what it did, they just decide to stay, like 'idk maybe we'll be okay'. How about you take that heli of yours and go tell someone and get some help? Yeah, I know, there's apparently a blizzard, well in the establishing shots of them flying to the other facility, skies looked pretty damn clear. It's just people acting stupid for plot convenience and it ends no different than it begins. I understand that's the point, leaving the viewer to decide and hypothesize if one of them was 'the thing' or not, but it literally means nothing lol either neither of them are 'the thing' and they both die anyway, or one of them is and the freezes until someone else comes along, to repeat the process. They said if it reached the populous it could infect the entire planet, well we don't have to worry about that because it takes over and kills everyone before it gets a chance to leave, and then just freezes again lmao the whole thing was for nothing and it really gets under my skin because it was all a wasted effort. Like fine, end the movie on a cliff hanger and leave the audience to their own devices, but at least make the potential outcomes meaningful and add to the story, to give the viewer some sort of closure. Say they really couldn't leave, and no messages were getting through, why, when they find out that the 4 of them are good, did they not just hunker down, arm themselves, and stick together for as long as possible to have the chance of escaping? It's so beyond stupid to me. I'm sorry for this long as shit rant and if you read this far please note that these are only my opinions. If you like or even love this movie then more power to you. I'm glad you found so much enjoyment out of it because that's what movies are for. However, to me, because I can only speak for myself here, it's so idiotic and mindless that even though it's entertaining, it's still not enough for me to get over the fact that it's written so, so poorly. Rant over. Thank you for reading.

  12. anyone else reading the credits find the incredible names "Dick Warlock," "Charles E. Nippell," and "Michael Ploog"?

  13. One of the things I like most about this film is every single scene is significant, even if it's just a 2 second scene there's a meaning behind it if you pay close attention.

  14. This is my favorite horror movie from the 80s and my favorite horror movie of all time even! Great effects and music and the mutations is what made the movie so memorable like wow.

  15. In my opinion one of the top 5 horror movies of all time; very underrated. This is John Carpenter's quintessential horror movie of all of his…

  16. Proper Lighting is what makes these effects work. The classic blue/red split after the power goes down is iconic

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