ALO#YQRGFSJK> The Ideal Iphone 12? - 1 12 months Later Review! -
Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

The Finest Iphone 12? – 1 Yr Afterwards Review!

The Greatest Apple iphone 12? – 1 Yr Later Review! – Online video

Revisiting and reviewing the whole Apple iphone 12 lineup. The Apple iphone 12, Apple iphone 12 Professional, Apple iphone 12 Pro Max and Apple iphone 12 Mini. Will it keep up to the Apple iphone 13 or Apple iphone 13 Pro Max?

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The Ideal Iphone 12? – 1 Yr Afterwards Review! – Youtube

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48 thoughts on “The Ideal Iphone 12? – 1 12 months Later Review!”
  1. This phone is really nice. I decided to try it as my first iPhone as I’ve always used androids. It held up super well almost 2 years on. Performance hasn’t aged since I got it. Battery could be better and I miss how easy it is to run gba games on android. All and all a really good experience for an android user too

  2. Bought the iPhone 12 almost a year ago. Now the battery has to be charged 2 or 3 times a day and i don't hardly do anything on it! I just make calls, check e-mail, FB, and take pictures. No music as the battery dies so quickly. My battery life is at 86% so unless it goes below 80% the battery is considered fine. They will not replace it otherwise. So much for paying the big bucks and getting a battery that sucks. Don't buy the12 series. They are all the same including Pro and Max.

  3. Got the iPhone 12 and in a few minutes it scratched( which wasn’t so bad as it looked like a dust particle that could only be seen if you put your eye right up to it 😅) going to put a screen protect on before I use it.

  4. I’m watching this video on my iPhone 12. I’ve just (Friday) 12/11/21 upgraded from the XR and yes I’m more than happy. However, XR is a beast, far better than what others think.

  5. Actually wireless charging degrades battery faster. So my gf and I got the same phone same day. I have been wireless charging since day one she hasn’t. My phones battery 97 hers still at 100% just saying.

  6. I believe the 12 is a great choice unless your a photographer or photo fanatic. It’s a good phone and good battery life

  7. I hardly disagree with you Matt. I want a small phone but not too small that can cause bad battery life. I also don't need big phone because it hard to carry on my pocket. That's why 5.8 to 6.2 inch is the best size for regular size phone.

  8. Using my iphone 12 for the past 10 months now.. Absolutely the best. Battery still 100% healthy, never hanged before. Super smooth with IOS 15 now !!!

  9. Hi … can you help me to choose? What should i choose iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 min with respect to battery …. Please reply.. thank you.

  10. I have been a droid user all my life and now want to switch to a iPhone. The 12 is what I have been looking at and possibly will be getting after research and looking at youtube videos. Thanks for your help!

  11. curious to your review of all the iphone 13s this fall. will 120hz be a game changer for you? or will you stick to the iphone 13 (non pro) like you did with the previous gen?

  12. I’m looking to downgrade to smaller phone but torn between 12 mini or 13 mini…I have a MacBook and iPad Pro Soo don’t really need a big phone😆

  13. ****$%%%$ I bought one 3 weeks ago, fell to floor from my hand and Back glass is brocken (normal accidental & casual fall). now I have to replace all the phone & have to pay 70% of the price to fix it. Frig you apple & frig yourself 🙁

  14. i had upgraded from the 6s to the 12 (purple) on the 30th of august 2021 and i’m very happy with my phone it’s the perfect size and it’s got everything i need, my experience with the battery is excellent (it may be bad for heavy users) but ye i’m very happy with my purchase 🙂

  15. I need help please. The paint around my camera ring is chipping and I don’t know why😭. I’m always very careful with how I handle my phone, and it hasn’t fallen once since I got it

  16. Like I say use they phone that first u , I had the 12 pro for a month and the battery was terrible for me especially because I took Bart and walked home after , so the max ended being my phone and I can save it’s one of my favorite iPhones to date or should I say phones in general since I have a one plus 8 as my android device

  17. I have the 12 Pro and I hate the battery life. For the size of the phone there is no reason why it should be draining this fast! When the new one comes out I’m getting either the mini (with Anker battery pack) or the 12S/13, just not the Pro version!

  18. MagSafe charger is a gamers best friend when you play a game while the battery is dead the lightning cable gets so annoying it’s alway in the way but not the MagSafe charger it’s just chilling in the back

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