Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Testing Four Unusual Surge Protectors! | As Seen on TV, Amazon's Choice

Testing Four Unusual Surge Protectors! | As Seen on TV, Amazon's Choice – Video

Today I’m checking out 4 unusual surge protectors to see if their claims to fame hold up.

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• EchoGear:
• Mount-It:
• Quirky Power:

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0:00 Introduction
0:31 Unboxing
4:27 Chunky Adapter Test
7:44 Real-World Tests
13:42 Final Thoughts

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Testing Four Unusual Surge Protectors! | As Seen on TV, Amazon's Choice – Youtube

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39 thoughts on “Testing Four Unusual Surge Protectors! | As Seen on TV, Amazon's Choice”
  1. Note: While all of these gadgets are surge protectors, EchoGear and Swivel Power are actually outlet multipliers, not technically power strips. My use of the description "power strip" was merely meant as a way to lump them under one umbrella term. This is not a tech channel, so please excuse the verbal shortcut. 🙂

  2. never get a rotating strip, thats a nigthmare later on when it starts giving out sparks and shorting the leads lol perhaps never buy a cheaper rotating strip… also in 12:40 that blue ligth comes whit all the cheapo multi slot chargers, they wont remove it even if the charger got a solid plastic instead of a translucent window… it comes whit the board they use

  3. Was about to complain about not including max load and was just going to assume 12amps (1500W) on everything.
    Glad you included the specs. That's what makes you a great reviewer.

  4. should have test the protection they offer … i mean … that is why you buy a surge protection outlet … so you need to know they are actually safe.

  5. I wouldn't buy the swivel just because only 1250w rated for 6 outlets if you plug in two high-power items it might exceed that limit then you have a fire hazard. And what would use 1250w you might ask well my pc alone uses around 850 some use over 1000 then you might have 2 monitors and a tv plugged into it so you are like 200w+ over.

  6. I love the one in the thumbnail, we needed something to go around a lamp and to take bigger chargers, never had to uss it for surge issues because our wires are underground but like it anyway

  7. some of your house outlet could be loose too james as they are what technically holds your plugs in i have a verry loose one in my house

  8. I won't buy the new bought out bell & Howell as some items spark when plugged in & 1 I'd never plug in again cuz it's a problem every time & not worth the hazard.

  9. I got to ask you this question, are you going to review the Fuller Brush company product: The electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper? I know you did Full Crystal and the Roto Sweep, but those weren't really Fuller Brush products. I would like to try that product someday.

  10. I came to your channel because I’m a huge “2 Cent Chick” fan and she talked about your channel. Now I’m a fan of the both of you. I love your reviews!!!

  11. For the chunky adapter test on the bell and Howell I think it would actually only fit 2 cause one of the big adapters would’ve had the bottom hit the wall cause of the outlets orientation

  12. I like the Quirky, but I hate anything that thinks an electrical connection should be used as a mounting bracket.

  13. I think I have the EchoGear. It's behind a cabinet right now, but I think mine has a screw hole in it so you can attach it to the faceplate and make it more sturdy.

  14. James, you missed the squid surge protector. That one was quite popular 10 years ago or something. I think some company still make the generic version of it. I think I got the Philips one. That one would allow you to have the chunky adaptor heads in each one of its tentacle outlets. But otherwise, a great inclusive collection of surge protectors.

  15. I've had the quirky style one for a few years and it's pretty useful. Bit bulky, but the nice thing is by bending it you can fit more large odd power adapters

  16. The concept of mount-it is good, but the design is soooo off. It could work for a workbench or some other spot, where the looks don't matter, though. I'd rather put wires and sockets away from sight, whenever possible. My computer power strip is attached UNDER the edge of my desk, and it's practically invisible, hanging on a pair of screws. It hosts all of the PC-related things + a lamp, and a small 4-usb-hub is on my desk, and it's in charge for, well, charging stuff. Had there been any reviews of the unusual USB-hubs multi-chargers, by the way? I don't think I've seen one here.

  17. Does anyone else get kind of soothed when James takes meticulous care to unbox an item? I just find his voice soothing. 🤪

  18. Interesting side eh? The only thing I’m interested in is how many amps can it handle. Who gives a shit about their quirks. Good tool to start a fire in your house.

    Most of these things are shit guys. Get a good one that can handle a lot of amps if you plan on maxing these out.

  19. Having a ready power port right at the top of my desk but most power strips/surge protectors plug into the wall and then sort of sit on the desk. Eventually the weight of the plugs or some kink in the cable will cause the strip to slide around. The Mount It seems like a great solution to this.

  20. The quirky one's power button just looks like it's waiting to get turned off by dog or cat paws at the worst moment.

  21. I've got the power strip version of that Echogear. Although the rotating sockets on that can be at any angle, it's super convenient for adding multiple larger units (wall warts) that can move out of each others way. Definitely a better option than the 'plug into socket' version.

  22. just a note if there is no reset switch then I would doubt their claims that it is a surge protector. I would say only one of these is actually a surge protector the others are just extensions. Having said that don't use plug-in adapters that do not surge protectors. If there is not some sort of fuse protection you risk burning down your house.

    Best case scenario 3 of these brick themselves in a power surge, which sucks. Worst case scenario they are not actually surge-protectors ( I would assume this is true) you get a surge or overload the adapter and it burns down your house while you are sleeping in it.

  23. The best way to plug in chunky adapters is to buy 6 inch or 1 foot long extension cords, plug the adapter into those, and plug the short extensions into your surge protector or outlet. You can buy packs of them from Amazon at very reasonable prices.

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