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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Testing 4 Kitchen Gadgets Under $15 That Actually Work

Testing 4 Kitchen Gadgets Under $15 That Actually Work – Video

Today I’m testing out four gadgets under $15 that all work – to some degree!

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• Slide Scoop:
• Dishwand:

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Music by Epidemic Sound
“Lump Sum (Instrumental Version)” by Xavy rusan
“Summer Of Our Lives (Instrumental Version)” by Waykap

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Butter Mill
5:47 GCap
10:31 Slide Scoop
13:55 Scotch-Brite Dishwand
18:44 Final Thoughts and Ranking

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Testing 4 Kitchen Gadgets Under $15 That Actually Work – Youtube

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43 thoughts on “Testing 4 Kitchen Gadgets Under $15 That Actually Work”
  1. During the butter dispenser segment, my partner got mad at me. I kept saying “that’s what she said,” and my partner was like “ I can’t hear what he’s saying!”

  2. "We have a ribbon of butter." 😆
    I love the way you talk. Reminds me of how we talk in my family. ❤️
    I love that you are just naturally funny. Some YouTubers write a whole script and put to much effort into trying to make the review "entertaining". It's not necessary and can just be annoying.

  3. Dish wand is a product you didn't need til it was advertised. I stick to buying simple brushes and sponges.

  4. I think you used to much butter. Kids would drop the bottles off the counter to the floor. The scoops looked as though they worked ok.
    The scub pads worked but would be costly on the dish soaps, not worth buying!😔

  5. The butter mill would be better if it had thickness adjustment! A little, of course, to be practical.

  6. With all the love I have for Lord Iommi (named my son after him), its good to see some love for Butler as well. Love the shirt.

  7. Always amazing reviews! The slide scoop will be perfect for filling my peppermill with peppercorns! I usually get a piece of paper and make a small funnel.

  8. Don’t think you need that much soap on each dish. Once you use it in a sink with water like you did you can just dunk the dish in the water and that should contain more than enough soap, not to mention the amount still left on the brush itself. No reason to waste soap on every dish. 😂

  9. I’d imagine the removable brush head would be so you can throw the bristle bit in the dishwasher w/o having to empty the whole brush.

  10. The butter mill just doubles as storage. Why would you want to take it out anyways? Usually you would use it daily anyways

  11. Cutting butter to fit in that thin hole seems a faff to me seeing as most butter comes in half pound slabs- weird design tbh.

  12. Question! Would the slide scoop work for liquids? Or would they leak out even before sliding the stopper out of the way?

  13. The little funnel thing, the problem with the "thick" powders is not really a problem with the device. It is inherent in this device. Industry actually deals with this problem a lot. check MATERIAL FLOW PROBLEMS IN DRY HOPPERS right here on youtube

  14. I think you would end up using way more soap with that brush. I have a similar one and I felt I was using two to three time more soap with every wash. There’s that, and I found it worked best with running water. So using more soap and using more water is not good for the pocketbook and the environment. So I use that brush without any soup in its handle.

  15. I've used a version of the dishwand that has a sponge instead of a brush, much better for every day use.

  16. Just got a kitchen gadget off hsn, it grates but its a drum so it doesnt get your fingers and with my bas wrist I hope it helps!

  17. With the slide scoop, a lot of the problems come from powders that contain fat or moisture, ie formula, protein mixes, and such. Dry powders don't stick together the way the formulas and such do.

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