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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Testing 3 Cookie Dunking Gadgets!

Testing 3 Cookie Dunking Gadgets! – Video

Today I’m testing out three cookie dunking gadgets to see how well they work.

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0:00 Introduction and Overview
3:17 Dunking Buddy
5:30 Keebler Dunking Straw
7:44 Oreo Dunking Set
9:18 Ranking and Final Thoughts

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Testing 3 Cookie Dunking Gadgets! – Youtube

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45 thoughts on “Testing 3 Cookie Dunking Gadgets!”
  1. As someone with a sensory disorder. One of these may be great for people like me who dont like the cold liquid or texture on their fingers

  2. You said " Keebler " and I heard " keyboard ".. imagine how sad I was when no keyboard was dunked in milk. 😬

  3. Just as easy to take a bite of cookie followed by a swig of milk and hold it in your mouth as the cookie absorbs the milk. No miss, no fuss. 😆

  4. So I actually had the dunking buddy awhile back as a joke. To be fair, they do dunk, but you have to go slow, otherwise it floats.

  5. This reminds me of that device where you wrap tissue paper and wipe ur ass with it. Some devices u just dont need. And btw i just farted

  6. If you crumble a muffin into a bowl of milk it's like a muffin cereal although it gets very soggy almost instantly it's pretty good

  7. Some companies will make just about anything. They're so unnecessary and even ineffective. Plus more stuff to wash.

  8. Lol imagine spending $10 on a piece of plastic that makes you work harder to dunk your cookies. The real kings dip their whole fingers in the milk.

  9. That Oreo mug is so convenient until you want to take a sip of milk and all the cookies fall out all over the place

  10. I was just trying to dunk a cookie today. I knocked the glass over, threw a cookie through a plate glass window, broke my dining room table, it was chaos. If only I had seen these things sooner.

  11. My solution to this has always been fill a tumbler up with milk instead of a full size drinking glass that way if you're like a normal person and you don't like to drink plain milk you're also not stuck wasting some milk perfect for dunking your cookies but it won't waste your milk nor do your fingers get covered in milk.

    These dunking devices seem like a solution to a problem that just doesn't exist

  12. When Rhett and Link tried the Dunking Buddy, I believe they put 2 cookies in the compartment. Seemed to fit better

  13. My husband stared at me for a long time with his mouth wide open when I stabbed a oreo's cream with a fork and dunked it. Best hack ever.

  14. Your reviews are so thorough!!! You cover all your bases every video!!!
    😎🙏🏻👍🏻 Best product reviews ever!!!!

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