Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

RepelWell Review: Does this Fabric Protector Work?

RepelWell Review: Does this Fabric Protector Work? – Video

RepelWell is a spray-on fabric protector. Today I put it to the test on a variety of fabrics to see how it works.

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RepelWell Review: Does this Fabric Protector Work? – Youtube

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35 thoughts on “RepelWell Review: Does this Fabric Protector Work?”
  1. looked like camelback mountain in the background for a minute at the very beginning the commercials water the ketchup and mustard down so it runs almost like water

  2. watching a grown man dump various condiments on his shirt and then bounce around is far funnier than it should be. Excellent review

  3. If your looking at repelwell as repewell will I want you to look up repewell on google then go to images and look at the pictures

  4. wonder what would happen if he soaked the white t-shirt in repel well and then let it dry, as a final literally dumping the bottle onto the shirt letting it soak for 10 minutes or so then drying it so it penetrates the fabric.

  5. I'm pretty sure the idea here is to repel water based products so something like chocolate sauce probably isn't gonna be repellex

  6. On your final "white t-shirt" test it seems to work pretty well. In my opinion the question is not whether the ketchup just slides off, but if it is absorbed. I also wonder if there my be some "user error" in the application. LOL

  7. "I'm really not the bathroom selfie kind of guy"😂🤣😂😂. Thank goodness! We don't need any more of those! 🤗

  8. They lie. So get natural cleaning. Hope you got stains out. They selling you lie. Not what scientists on videos you see on here have. Some materials & substances differ. Not the magic 1 that scientist supposedly developed with Nano tech I see on videos here. You better clean those sneakers right away. Lol There is more damage on right, but still no magic. If you treated with natural stuff then mustard may all have gone. Stupid do 4 whites. You better fix all that. Immaculate b4 new all white, but the none porous 1 left foot 1that had Chico & hairgad some live scratch. Not sure if chocolate or what. I hope you got them pristine again. Others wishing they had shoes even. Come on now !

  9. what about neverwet? there a few different version of hydrophobic products on the market rainx..scotchguard..etc

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