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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef Review: Put to the Test!

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef Review: Put to the Test! – Video

The instructions have since changed for this product. The new instructions indicate that the latch should not be locked while cooking, while my instructions indicate the latch should be locked. The new instructions also state there is no need to flip, while my instructions state that it should be flipped for some recipes.

*About the exploding issue*
Several people have commented that other reviews have shown this device to “explode” open while cooking. I did not experience this after months of use. My only explanation is that there could have been a change in production, a defective unit, or user error. This, I believe, is why the instructions have been changed to leave the latch unlocked.

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef is a two-sided cooking device that allows you to cook a variety of foods in minutes.

0:00 Intro
1:04 Omelette
3:11 Cake #1
4:44 Cake #2
6:04 Cake #3
7:15 Hamburger #1
8:35 Hamburger #2
10:29 Biscuits #1
11:02 Biscuits #2
11:39 Biscuits #3
12:08 Biscuits #4
12:34 Chicken Breast

• Brief six-month update:
• Written review:

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Red Copper 5 Minute Chef Review: Put to the Test! – Youtube

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25 thoughts on “Red Copper 5 Minute Chef Review: Put to the Test!”
  1. Good review. Picked up one second hand and for light stuff it may be ok but for large quantities or big items, not quite so useful.

  2. Your review was quite good. I just encourage you to read the red copper five minute chef instruction manual completely… It’s specifically states (at least 3x in the safety manual as well as in every single recipe in the recipe book) “do not latch while on. Locking latch may cause pressure build-up and forceful release of steam and hot food” it appeared you latched it with every use. I’m just concerned because you are “the expert reviewer” people will watch your actions instead of reading the manual themselves. As you know… You are an influencer. Overall review… Good job! I really liked your presentation of different foods. Especially, as I am preparing to experience this equipment myself.

  3. I have a really good idea cut the hamburger in half before you put it in the machine. Now with the chicken if you brushed it with a little olive oil and a bit of seasoning it wouldn't look not so much like cardboard

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  5. Things need to rest after they come off the heat. If you rest hamburgers, buns etc for 5 minutes after you took them out, they will all be done.
    What you judge as done is way over cooked.

  6. that chicken looked drier than the Sahara desert…. 15 minutes and the temp over 200 degrees lmao… james you murdered it bro

  7. I got one of these for free cleaning out a garage. I use mine to make Cubans. I'm gonna do the burger tonight! I like mine red in the middle!

  8. I agree with the comment below, please don't apologize about the length of a video! The longer, the better; that's my opinion. I also value your opinion, so any advice, or tips, I greatly appreciate it!

  9. What do you think? 200f on a beast? I think it's getting chopped up to make stringy chicken salad sandwiches! 10 minutes probably get you to 165 and nice moist cut of meat.

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  11. The big thing with these new gadgets and pans is how long they will perform. it always works like a charm when its new- how about a year later? That is why I keep my cast iron and do not buy these new items often made in China.

  12. This was 15 minutes of packed info! You have a very organized style in your review of this item and that is very helpful. I picked up one of these things at Goodwill today but it has no instructions so I'm using your review to give me some idea of what I can use this for and how to go about using it.

    I am ASSUMING that all these trials were preceded by having the device ON and fully brought up to temperature? You mention about the cake starting out with it COLD so that might be the exception? (i.e. biscuits, etc. have it fully warmed up, green light ON?) As I experiment with this myself, I'm sure some of these answers will be forthcoming all on their own!

    No one can complain about the length of a video if it has useful things in it. This video you did on this appliance certainly meets that criteria. Thanks!

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