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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Portable Clothes Washer Uses No Detergent… but does it work?

Portable Clothes Washer Uses No Detergent… but does it work? – Video

Today I’m testing out the WashWow 3.0 that supposedly cleans clothes with no detergent.

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“Southern Ocean” by Far Orange

0:00 Introduction & Unboxing
2:14 Soy Sauce Test
5:36 More Stains and Odor Test
11:40 Conclusion

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Portable Clothes Washer Uses No Detergent… but does it work? – Youtube

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42 thoughts on “Portable Clothes Washer Uses No Detergent… but does it work?”
  1. A better non machine washer is the laundry collective hand crank machine which is essentially a bucket with a lid and you get the agitation factor and use a fraction of the soap.

  2. I wouldn’t have even given this crap a second thought, but I’m glad that he did (it’s his job to do these off the wall items.). With that being said, not only did it not look safe to plug in the wall NEAR WATER, but without agitation or even soaking in some type of detergent, I knew that this would be a fail. THANKS for Posting.

  3. Every time I see a commercial or infomercial on these gadgets seems gimmicky and would probably not work as intended. Save your money people don't give your hard earned money to these crappy products.

  4. The best thing about what James does, is the money saving everyone gets after he smashes the outrageous claims of some of these products.

  5. I've seen several product review channels and I always prefer this one over the others. Something about James being completely 100% honest and non-sponsored makes it more believable and more likely for me to actually try the product.

  6. Could just put simple green in the sink and soak the shirt prob do better than that "tool" crazy that exspensive and the cable look wat thin esp for being in water

  7. Wow, they clean all right – your bank account. My brother, who is a technophile, is always getting the latest and greatest gadgets he sees advertised, and I have lost count of how much money he has thrown away on that crap. I am DEFINITELY sending him a link to your channel, so he can see the silly things in action, and save himself some money.

    I went back, and watched your washer balls video… just WOW on how much they want for this stuff. Did you ever check out dryer balls, which supposedly replace dryer sheets for keeping away static electricity? There are also dryer balls which are made of pure wool, but I can't seem to find any answers to the question of what happens for folks who are allergic to wool, like my Mom.

    I hope you make good money with this channel, so you are not taking serious losses by buying all this stuff. I REALLY appreciate that you are willing to test this kind of stuff out – sure, the truly scientific results are more "official," but you are testing these out as a regular guy, very little different from the rest of us.

    Please give Bailey a good scritching, she is such a good girl!

  8. I wonder if adding some salt to the water would've helped; doing so would've generated a little bit of hypochloride (bleach) from the electrolysis action. electrolysis alone would just generate hydrogen and oxygen which won't do much for cleaning the clothes.

  9. If their electrolysis worked so well, then why didn't they make a washer instead of some portable piece of junk? I knee this was a scam. Anyone claiming you can plug a device in and clean your laundry is an obvious fraud.

  10. Looks like a hypochlorous acid generator. Try putting salt in the water when you use the WashWow to produce more chlorine.

  11. I expect It won't work, because it is electrolysis of water so it just makes some flammable very light gas called hydrogen and also oxygen

  12. That’s too bad it don’t work. Poor ppl and homeless could really use something like that. Except for the price,but I’m sure,if it worked,we could write a grant for the monies or donations.

  13. The lack of safety marks is worse than it seems. There are quite a few very poorly made USB wall chargers which can pass line voltage down the ground side of the USB plug. Not only is this bad for the gadgets but could actually be lethal if that current got into the water somehow. What are the odds? Look at the quality of the average cheap USB charger and tell me how much quality went into making it. As little as possible. Yeah nah.

  14. A small amount of table salt and the device will work way better because it will create bleach with the electrolysis. Cant do that with just water.

  15. im glad you tried this&not get shocked in the process of making this vid.never heard of this product&seeing it in i wont buy thank you for buying it,trying it&rating it.

  16. The bubbling you see in the wash wow is just bubbles made from separating water into hydrogen and oxygen. It’s just electrolysis

  17. I would never use this simply from the fact that you submerge an electronic device underwater, sounds like a fire waiting to happen

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