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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Pokemon clone Play To Earn NFT Crypto Game!

Pokemon clone Play To Earn NFT Crypto Game! – Video

Pokemon clone Play To Earn NFT Crypto Game! Axie Infinity and the AXS token along with Smooth Love Potion SLP have made crypto investors millionaires, now Devolution wants to be the next AXS and Pokemon! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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Battle collect and earn with Axie Infinity that’s a pretty fun tagline and axie infinity gamers, streamers, and collectors are literally becoming millionaires by investing into this NFT game and the NFTs AXIES or farming Axie shards AXS and SLP tokens or smooth love potions used for breeding and other fun actions in the Axie Infinity game! HOWEVER, there’s a new free play to earn cryptocurrency blockchain game with NFTs launching called Devolution and their DEVO token! Devolution DEVO is a Binance Smart Chain token that is building a clone or pokemon style blockchain game exciting gotta catch em all gameplay free play to earn crypto game with their own cryptocurrency token and NFTs powering it!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 A new RPG crypto game!
01:35 Devolution explore the world on their metaverse
02:30 A 3D NFT Game!!
03:00 How to earn rewards on Devolution?
03:42 Devolution has already a token $DEVO
05:03 Token Holders and addresses
05:40 Do Devolution has a team?
06:32 Certik is going to audit Devolution, soon!
07:09 Their NFT limited Collections are available!
08:30 Devolution first in-game trailer
09:10 Buying the devolution token is so easy
10:47 My opinion on Devolution
12:33 Devolution, had been audited from Solidity
13:04 Devolution Tokenomics
14:41 Conclusion, should you buy Devolution?

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Pokemon clone Play To Earn NFT Crypto Game! – Youtube

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21 thoughts on “Pokemon clone Play To Earn NFT Crypto Game!”
  1. Can I ask you to do a video on Ponyo Impact? I'd like to see a review as honest as this one. After you've done your due dilligence of course

  2. Just jumped into the NFT market. I'm seeing Rave Bunnies to have a great potential. What do you think of them.

  3. Great video! Speaking of NFTs, I’d love to hear your opinion about NFT card games – Spellfire looks very promising! Very unique P2E model. Do you mind commenting on that?

    Your insight would be very much appreciated 🙂

  4. I wanted red and I can't remember why but I had to settle for blue. Charmander was my starter. Also fun fact my step daughters name is Charlie but her nickname char because she's obsessed with pokemon too lmao.

  5. his kindness has shows it to everyone the kind of heart, feelings and passion he have for another’s man fortune thanks for the 3btc admin you are amazing

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