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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Pillow Pad Review: Next-Gen Tablet Holder? *As Seen on TV*

Pillow Pad Review: Next-Gen Tablet Holder? *As Seen on TV* – Video

By request I’m reviewing Pillow Pad, an As Seen on TV tablet holder that allows you to view your device from three angles. Does it work? I put it to the test!

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Pillow Pad Review: Next-Gen Tablet Holder? *As Seen on TV* – Youtube

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27 thoughts on “Pillow Pad Review: Next-Gen Tablet Holder? *As Seen on TV*”
  1. It took two of us to out it back in effectively, but we still got the zipper on the wrong side! 😛
    Washing did clean it well tho!

  2. i bought me a galaxy tab a7 and i went to walgreens and bought me a pillow pad, tk be honest is the best thing i ever bought, i use it everyday

  3. Great video bud! Just goes to show no matter how mundane a product may seem to be, a well done product review can still be super helpful!

  4. I was finally able to get the damn cover back on mine thanks to your video! What a waste of an entire hour of my life. But now I know to never take the cover off again. Thanks for testing this product in ways it's actually going to be used. You are the only person I could find that did this.

  5. I have this pillow and absolutely love it. I use it to support my Kindle mostly, my phone, my iPad, and occasionally my laptop. I love that it is lightweight and it is so easy to move from one side of my bed to the other when I roll over. It is kinda grippy and can be tilted without dumping my devices, especially when they are in covers. It also offers a great angle when I used on my lap or desk. I have used it on my desk for Zoom meetings on my phone and it gave a good angle and support for my phone. I am glad that is not foldable, because it would fold up accidentally when being moved around often while reading in bed. It is soft and lightweight, so I can leave it on the bed while I sleep and not have to worry about bumping into a hard bed tray or lap desk during the night. I have no desire to travel with it because it is bulky, but that's ok. I wouldn't travel with other solutions because of their weight. I have no plans to ever wash it. I would just spot clean if I got a smudge on the cover. One of the best $19.99 purchases I have made. I truly love the comfort of enjoying reading ebooks and watching videos hands-free.

  6. The powerful search electronmicroscopically stretch because cheese puzzlingly curve between a uncovered acrylic. juicy, shocking bead

  7. I found this review extremely useful. Wasnt expecting it. That is a bad zipper though >_> mind you that is considered an invisible zipper which is super temperamental

  8. needs raised sides to protect the tablet from sliding off so easily. be careful when choosing a pillow from 3rd party sellers on amazon (who don't even have a website) as the materials used to make the pillow isn't regulated properly. so could be good reviews but made of toxic materials.

  9. 72 degrees? Why not 90 degrees? If you went to the movies and the screen was at a 72 degree angle, would you complain?

  10. I love my pillow pad for my iPad! I wash the whole thing in a bucket of cold water and a little bit of detergent and let it dry outside.

  11. I just bought the pillow pad and it works great for passengers in a vehicle. As for removing the cover and replacing it, you have to compress it first and it will be easier. Great video 👍

  12. You know what I use in bed,? A simple old roll of paper towels,turn it on the end and rest the iPad on it..oh yeah and the paper towels can still be used when needed,) no washing, either..just pull of a towel and presto clean iPad holder

  13. I'm between this and the Flippy, but Flippy has better reviews on Amazon and looks way better. I think I'll pay $5 for a better made pillow. Flippy also looks better on videos.

  14. "Grab the pillow pad, kids, it's time to play kickball! Your channel is one of only 2 youtube channels I consistently watch. You really give great reviews!!

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