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Perfect Smile Veneers Review: $15 Veneers?

Perfect Smile Veneers Review: $15 Veneers? – Video

Here’s my review of Perfect Smile Veneers, a $15 product that the advertising claims can deliver you “a million dollar smile instantly.”

Note that at 7:56 when I say “As Seen on TV” you can clearly see the top of the device while I’m speaking, which I quickly tried to correct by closing my mouth slightly.

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Perfect Smile Veneers Review: $15 Veneers? – Youtube

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48 thoughts on “Perfect Smile Veneers Review: $15 Veneers?”
  1. Thanks for being honest and kind. My teeth are very yellow and I’m missing about five molars. Grew up super poor and never got to see a dentist until I was in severe pain and needed to have teeth pulled. I’m looking for an affordable veneer. Your video was great because you didn’t go on and on and therefore I was not annoyed. Thank you.

  2. I purchased a set and just looking at it tells me everything I need to know. I do know that Instasmile has better-made veneers you can order online for $250.00 for the upper veneers only. But you get an impression kit to make a mold of your existing teeth and send it back to them and they create the veneers to fit over your existing teeth. Those have gotten great reviews because you don't have a gumline attached to them so they blend better with your own gums. People should understand that when you spend $5 or $10 for a set of fake veneer teeth that they are not going to look right or fit right and look as if you're wearing plastic Halloween teeth. If you can, go the extra mile and pay the $250, and if you can't afford that see if your state has a free dental program that can help you replace your missing or broken teeth.

  3. It seems as though you received an actual counterfeit product just like Candy Dawn Amber did. The company sent her a free set of the real ones and it worked great!

  4. I can’t bring my missing teeth back I lost -but I’m gonna keep looking all I need is to have those in my mouth LONG ENOUGH to not show any embarrassing missing teeth during a family photo that’s all I need it for
    … ps I had horrible dental experience which is why I stop seeing dentist I did make tripes back but it was hard to finds someone to take my insurance- and who can afford cosmetic surgery during COVID … 6-1-21

  5. I saw a guy do this and he immediately once heated removed some of the goo good tip looked good on him he wasn't trying to make any jokes though you know to get clicks

  6. Thanks for reviewing. The red gums are mean for them to do and making fun of people needing solutions serious problems.

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