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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

New Apple Watch Solo Loop & Braided Loop Bands Review: Look at Just before Obtaining!

New Apple Observe Solo Loop & Braided Loop Bands Review: Check out Ahead of Buying! – Video clip

The new solo loop and braided solo loop bands were introduced along with the Apple Check out SE and the Apple Enjoy Series 6 and the function previous week. The bands take out the clasp system that we have observed on quite a great deal every other Apple Observe band up to this issue. They healthy far more like a wristband or a bracelet that just slides on your wrist, and simply because of this, they involve a tailor made suit. Apple has a sizing guidebook on their web site, but quite a few customers have complained about their band measurements currently being 1-2 sizes far too significant. In this movie, I present you how to get the greatest estimate for your band size. Then, we choose a further seem at the bands on their own so that you can choose which one particular is best for you.

Apple Check out Collection 6 –
Apple Look at SE –

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New Apple Watch Solo Loop & Braided Loop Bands Review: View Just before Purchasing! – Youtube

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38 thoughts on “New Apple Watch Solo Loop & Braided Loop Bands Review: Observe Right before Acquiring!”
  1. Update: A few people have commented about how I wrapped the measurement tool around the wrist bone, making the measurement larger. I agree that a very tight measurement around the thinner part of the wrist would probably be suitable for most people. Apple's website just says, "Wrap it tightly around your wrist where you typically wear your watch." I typically wear my watch at or slightly below the wrist bone, but the measurement there is still about one size too big 🤷‍♂️

  2. 1- what's is the link to the size chart? 2- when you pick your watch on their site, where does it show the size? 3- So pick 2 sizes down

  3. The one and only problem with the sizing always being wrong is because of the over lap on the sport band. When you adjust your sport band to your correct size and put the pin in the hole, then you have to slide the end inside the band, thus cause an overlap in thickness. For example my sport i use the 3rd hole from top. Or where the band connects to the watch. And the reason i use the 3rd hole is because of the overlap. I have to use the 3rd hole because of the overlap once i tuck the end of the band inside the other band. Now, if i put the pin in the 3rd hole and dont tuck the end inside the band. It will be loose. This is the reason for sizing problem right here. Is apple messed up and left the overlap thickness from the sport band and used the sizing based on the overlap sizing from the sport band. Now an example of to show why going a size down is why the watch fits perfect. Like my size i use the 3rd hole. But i can fit my wrist with the 2nd hole if i dont tuck the end of the band inside the other band. The reason the 2nd hole fits is because i didnt tuck the end of the band inside to cause the over lap and thus making band thicker and taking up more space or another words making wrist bigger. So the solo loop is basically a band with no overlap. So you cant use the sizing apple is using from the sport band that takes in consideration the band overlap. So this is why whatever size apple tells you to use. Wither you use there paper measuring thing or using your own measuring tape. Whatever size apple recommends you have to go one size smaller. So apple says i need a size 8 for a “snug athletic fit”. But really i to get a size 7. ✌️

  4. Yeah, I measured on the low end of a size 7/upper 6. The size 5 although tight at first, stretches out more comfortably over a short time.

  5. just a thought, but maybe the reason why some people had sizing issues was because their print out wasn’t at 100% scale. it might have been somewhere around 105% or 110%. I know printers can be annoying at times and not print pages out EXACTLY at 100% scale. they probably thought “close enough” when they placed their credit card/ID in the size box and then went on to measure their wrist. the size box thing for the card literally needs to be a perfect fit. I noticed this when I printed out my size chart page. I haven’t ordered one just yet, I’m wanting to go in-store to still try on a 6 and see if that’s my size or if I actually do need to go smaller.

  6. I jus my bought one yesterday and the tool was way off! Says I was an 8 but in actuality I was a 5! I had to go into the Apple store for correct sizing

  7. I finally just got mine and I had to exchange the band twice. I’m a 4 and I got the braided band. Hopefully it lasts

  8. Hi Paul, may I know your wrist circumference? Mine has a circumference of 16cm and the apple store recommended me loop size 7. Should I go for that size? Or should I go with a size 6?

  9. I'm speculating that all these people who have said the sizing tool has worked perfectly for them are the same dudes running around with dive watches with their bracelet practically cuffing their thumb as they're strolling.

  10. great review! i bought the braided strap and just wanted to add for anyone watching that when it gets wet it's not heavy or distracting. it doesn't feel wet like i barely notice it and it dries really quickly without any residue

  11. Need to go one size smaller than what the measuring tool recommends. It told me a size 7 so I wore it a day, then I tried a size 6 for a another full day. Size 6 fit better. I also exercised with both sizes.

  12. Excellent review, thankyou! I have one question now that it's been a few months. Do you think the Solo loop will stretch out over time? I do like several bands to choose from depending on what I'm wearing ro doing that day but this one will probably be worn most often for working out.

  13. lol… one could wrap the paper where he wears his watch….or do like this guy and put it …just somewhere

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