Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Nectar Mattress Review: 30-Day Test!

Nectar Mattress Review: 30-Day Test! – Video

I ordered a full-size Nectar Mattress as part of their Labor Day sale, and today I’m reporting my honest reaction after using it for well over a month. This was NOT a free product, nor do I offer affiliate links for this product. I paid full price in order to provide a completely unbiased opinion.

This was purchased at the official website
If you need help installing the frame/platform, watch this:

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0:00 Introduction
0:28 Unboxing
1:43 Price Overview
2:37 First Impression
5:00 Impression After 1 Night
5:44 Impression After 2 Weeks
7:31 Final Thoughts

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Nectar Mattress Review: 30-Day Test! – Youtube

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29 thoughts on “Nectar Mattress Review: 30-Day Test!”
  1. I realize Nectar fans probably won't like my conclusion, and there is no disrespect intended toward Nectar or those who like it! I tried to keep in mind that many people do love this mattress, but it just isn't for me. Rather than accept a free product as some reviewers do, I paid full price with the intent of giving my honest opinion, and hoped I would like it enough to keep. Alas, I will be carefully documenting the return because I've read comments that the return process could be problematic. I'll give you a full unbiased report on how that goes. Also, to clarify, I sleep on my side about 75% of the time, and my back about 25% of the time.

  2. We need a test with two ppl sleeping. Even when my dog sleeps with Me,I can feel a difference in my regular mattress. It’s

  3. Using your bed / bedroom for lounging or anything other than sleeping can cause sleep problems. It is suggested that you use your bed only for the intended use. This will pramote quickly getting to sleep and sleeping through the whole night. I don't follow the suggestions and my sleep is horrible. My friends that do get consistent sleep now.

  4. Just wanted to wish you a happy Halloween this mattress I am an old coot I find the same thing I do not sleep on my back all the time I flip I find it very difficult being older to turn around or flip and when I sit on the side of the bed my butt slides off so I'm not a big fan of it I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and get a regular good mattress again happy Halloween warmest wishes from Long Island homestay well God bless ❤️🎃🎃🎃🎃

  5. I've got a simba (same thing different brand) I can honestly say it's the worst mattress I've ever owned. Long draw out process to return and they lie and put obstacles into the way such as sending an engineer with a tape measure and level to look at it. Their pillows were also super uncomfortable and lumpy and their quilt was meant to be this new technology but feels like a plastic bag and makes you sweat. Good honest review from you as always

  6. I have that mattress. It took me 3 months too get used to it. It killed my back and I thought it was horrible but its all I had. Now 3 years later I love it.. but I habe a king and sleep alone on 1 side. I tried to sleep on the unspent side last week. It killed my back. Point is , it took a while to break in but now I love it
    I domt use their pillows

  7. I have a memory foam mattress that's more firm at the start. it doesn't dent nearly as much as yours. Thus when I roll over it's not that big a deal with climbing the cliffs of doom. You'd think a more firm mattress would be uncomfortable, but after I got used to it after a few days (not weeks) then it was really nice. I sleep more soundly than I ever did on a pillow top spring mattress.

  8. Thank you for the information. I think I shall stick to the traditional firm matress as I do move in my sleep

  9. So I got a nectar ad for a mid roll on this video and a purple mattress ad for the end roll. first time I have had an ad for the product being reviewed while watching the review

  10. I just love YouTube when I'm watching one of your reviews I get to see other brands commercials. Like in this case. I kept getting Purple Mattress Commercials 😁

  11. I have suggested so many things to my family abt things u have reviewed and they have bought many of them. love these reviews

  12. I had a nectar mattress that I absolutely hated. It was so uncomfortable and when I tried to return it (after 3 months, so we’ll within the trial period) they told me they wouldn’t take it back and they’re “sorry for the inconvenience” don’t say you have a 365 night trial if you won’t follow it

  13. I couldn’t stand my Nectar Mattress. I also bought mine with a package on sale and had to return it. I love memory foam mattresses and now own a Tempur-Pedic, which is great.

    The biggest problem I had was that when I laid on it, the soft upper part would completely compress, leaving me laying down on the hardest chunk of foam rubber ever! I’m not especially overweight but I do have a few extra pounds and it was just impossible to get comfortable with so many pressure points.

    It cost more to get the Tempur-Pedic but it has been totally worth it.

  14. This video & your review is the first time I've heard & laid eyes on the Nectar mattress. Now time to pull out your trusted Purple mattress?

  15. I still have the original Tempurpedic mattress. It's around 17yo. Still good and since I have two Tempurpedic covers to alternate when washing It's still in its original form. They don't make the original anymore which is a shame. I think the mattress is still in good condition because it's only used for sleeping and not for watching TV, reading or relaxing. Once I'm out of bed I'm out of it for the day. Thanks for your honest review .

  16. I love how these companies are selling mattresses that you can buy at Walmart for $200 😅 also that frame is also $200 on Amazon.

  17. I had the Nectar mattress and as you I gave up on the mattress after about 9 months. Most of the things you encountered are what I experienced. Their return process worked for me but what I ended up doing was I donated the mattress to a non-profit organization and they provided me a letter of acceptance which I emailed to Nectar and in turn they refunded my money. I ended up going with their sister/parent company Dream Cloud Sleep mattress, it's a more expensive line product but I'm very pleased with it and have been using it now for a few years now. Thanks for your review.

  18. Glad this confirms I was right to go with a latex mattress. While they are expensive, they last soooo long and are much more responsive for turning over than memory foam.

  19. I have a memory foam, different brand, and even cheaper. I like it a lot. All you say about it is true as far as sinking, edge, etc. I love it anyway. Memory foam is the only mattress I've ever had that I feel comfortable on – no back pain even though I have a very bad back. Mattresses are very individual and I'm sure memory foam is not the best for everyone. I might like a Purple mattress but, unfortunately, I cannot afford one of those. A very firm mattress does hurt my back, my hips, my shoulders, etc. I need the soft/firm feel.

  20. People use beds for more than sleeping. How’s a bed like that if you want to wrestle around with your significant other

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