Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Mail Time #7: Four Mini-Reviews!

Mail Time #7: Four Mini-Reviews! – Video

Today I’m testing out four items sent to me by various vendors to see how they really work.

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Music by Epidemic Sound
“8 Money” by Giants’ Nest

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Spina by Dreamfarm
4:05 Cup Cozy Pillow
8:47 No-Tie Laces
12:49 Cable Organizer
16:01 Final Thoughts

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Mail Time #7: Four Mini-Reviews! – Youtube

Product Reviews

24 thoughts on “Mail Time #7: Four Mini-Reviews!”
  1. I use the silicone shoe laces. It definitely depends on the quality. I bought amazing ones from Walmart, and good ones on Amazon. Wish ones were ok but not amazing.

  2. U lost a grape n didht point it out. Lol

    The laces are suppose to be textured down I think to grip the tongue of the shoe

  3. Now they need to build in seat belt extenders on both sides so it can clip into seat belt buckles, and seat belt can clip into pillow. Not sure how "safe" idea would be, but since seat belt extenders are already sold it might not be an issue until someone dies in a rollover.

  4. The Spinna reminds me of one of those "popcorn popper" baby toys. I think it worked the same- you pump it and it spins some balls inside of the plastic container. Honestly tempted to get this for my nephew lol. Can use it as a toddler toy, then if it survives 'til when he's older, maybe he can cook with it.

  5. so i realized you gave the item your son mentioned just a thumbs up no real feedback well i think this item i think it works in this scenarios ra ra ra you just GAVE HIS ITEM THE THUMBS UP CAUSE HE IS YOUR SON

  6. I've used similar laces for a while now and like them. I also use similar cord organizers, except they are mostly single-loop stick-on units instead.

  7. I was just thinking…a new series you could do is a blind grab of items. Put a crapload of items in a box, bag, whatever, & choose them without looking. Might help to remove some of that excess stock you have. Just a thought 🙂

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