Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

"Magic" Slushy Cups Compared: Do They Even Work?

"Magic" Slushy Cups Compared: Do They Even Work? – Video

Today I compare two “slushy cups” with different designs to see if they work and see how they compare.

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"Magic" Slushy Cups Compared: Do They Even Work? – Youtube

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26 thoughts on “"Magic" Slushy Cups Compared: Do They Even Work?”
  1. At first I thought the slush and shake would produce way less slushie then it did but it seemed to work better then the frozen magic

  2. more surface area in the squishy one. Bought one myself. It says it doesn't work with artificial sweetener ones but i've got it to work with Coke zero and a&w caffeine and sugar free

  3. One has way more surface area with all the crevices. I have the slushy wizard and it takes about 10 min. When you scrape the sides more often it gets a finer slush. But if you leave it too long it freezes solid. I bought a 2 pack at state fair for 15 bucks I love it. And you deff can make an alcoholic slush it works better because the alcoholic doesn't allow it to freeze sold if you leave it.

    Great reviews tho, strangely satisfying to watch lol

  4. if you're diabetic and you pee into one you can probably make a pee slushie because of the high amounts of sugar

  5. So I skip some parts and I going to get frozen magic yeah I see that on commercial before yeah I going to tell my sister to buy it for me on Amazon also I don't have you on YouTube I just checking out the frozen magic on YouTube.

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