ALO#YQRGFSJK> I Survived FaZe Rugging! -
Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

I Survived FaZe Rugging!

I Survived FaZe Rugging! – Video


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I Survived FaZe Rugging! – Youtube

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43 thoughts on “I Survived FaZe Rugging!”
  1. dude i bought stuff on january 4th of 2022 and payed the first class shipping and nothing why would i buy some now?

  2. Real real pathetic what you did to that girl on twitch bro. You need to post a public apology on YouTube..

  3. I ordered a shirt through JiDion shop page and never got it, Jonathan voss replied stating it’d get sent out on 11/21/2021 and I never received it now Jonathan won’t even reply to my emails asking to cancel my order two months later. Was excited to get the shirt but likely never trying to support again.

  4. Bro u have good content people like but just don't go around hatting people for clout that's messed up bro that makes u no less than edp445 I hope uk what happened to him or leafyishere uk what happened uk where he is no one knows so please don't disrespect people and keep ur L+ ratio with u

  5. I am from Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. My tear come out every time I remember what 'Tyrone' did to you 😭😭

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