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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

I Acquired/Tested In excess of 65 Iphone 12 Instances – Which Had been Finest?

I Purchased/Examined Above 65 Apple iphone 12 Situations – Which Were being Best? – Online video

We used more than $1300 bucks on Iphone 12 circumstances in the very last month. Most of them were rather terrible. Some were excellent. Which kinds ended up finest?

With the up-developed Apple iphone 12, we experienced to adjust our scoring system. We have set far more emphasis on making use of the Iphone 12 and little significantly less on durability presented that the Iphone 12 is the toughest Apple iphone to date.

Here’s are the electrical power rankings along with our affiliate hyperlinks as wells as codes that we’ve gathered about the previous couple a long time:

1. Mous Limitless 4. – Get a 10% price cut (it stacks I imagine) by working with the code “mobilereviewseh122wxz” with this hyperlink:
2. Casetify Extremely Impact –
3. Catalyst Affect –
4. Ghostek Iron Armor 3 –
5. Otterbox Defender –
6. Loopy Situation – Use “MRE5” @ for $5 off
7. Otter+Pop Symmetry –
8. Urban Armor Gear Monarch –
9. Rhinoshield MOD NX/SolidSuit –
10. Apple Silicone MagSafe Scenario –

We’re reviewers, not influencers. No influencer is going to fall $1300 pounds on situations to determine out which a person is most effective. Reviewers do that. This channel is un-sponsered, our videos are sponser-free and we plan on keeping it that way.

In this video clip:

:00 Intro
:48 Over Regular Circumstances (7-10)
7:26 Very Wonderful Instances (4-6)
12:52 Product of the Crop Scenarios (2-3)
16:17 The Fallen
18:59 The Finest of the Finest

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MagSafe Case Teardown:

Greatest Accessories for the Apple iphone 12?

Ideal Charging Cables –

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I do have to stage out the situations that had been proverbial people on my Best 10 lists for several years and following the Iphone 12, have fallen out of the leading 10.

The first are the Grip circumstances from Speck. They’ve dropped down to #19. They’ve been up to date for the Apple iphone 12 and alternatively of possessing grips on the cases being produced from the grippy and semi-comfortable TPU materials that cradles your Apple iphone, it is now just extensions of the Laptop back again.

Which usually means this case now slides all around nearly like an air hockey puck and the ribs on the scenario are hard which will make the case experience way as well abrasive.

The 2nd case that looks to make the Best 10 all the time is the Spigen Tough Armor. It’s #11 so it scarcely make the cut.

The Challenging Armor is still a terrific case. Handles decently, is challenging BUT the Apple Silicone case beats it out since you can use the Magsafe features on the Iphone 12.

Other noteworthy cases that didn’t make the Prime 10 cut contain the Magbak due to make excellent problems, the Raptic Lux simply because dropping a circumstance with a metallic bumper is awful, and the Tech 21 Evo Check because it will come off like an old sock.

Do I sound annoyed? It’s simply because I am due to the fact dropping $100’s of pounds on scenarios that are horrible, is a genuinely difficult thing to do. Stuff like this Mellow scenario that value more than my #1 case and doesn’t healthy my Apple iphone thoroughly, or owning to pay back transport and custom expenses to deliver about the Incipio case that handles like a soaked bar of soap.
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I Purchased/Examined Above 65 Apple iphone 12 Instances – Which Were Best? – Youtube

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34 thoughts on “I Acquired/Examined Around 65 Apple iphone 12 Instances – Which Were being Very best?”
  1. Otterbox makes MagSafe cases and pop sockets make a MagSafe base and both are so nice. I love the pop socket MagSafe cause I can use it on any case with MagSafe

  2. The fact that you can see the broken screen of an iphone at 9:59 shows they actually drop tested cases lol. But it does make me nervous about the Otterbox Defender… even though it was probably cracked before reviewing that case

  3. Cons for almost all the cases are that there isn’t camera lens protection to prevent impact. Make sure you definitely get a camera lens protector.

  4. So I bought the MOUS case based on this video and in the 11 years that I have owned an iPhone, this is the first time I have dropped my phone a lot (In the past, I rarely dropped my phone ever). The iPhone 13 is a heavy phone due to the battery and the MOUS case is slippery and hard to hold onto to. I would not buy the MOUS case again and I don't recommend you get it either. Consider this a public service announcement.

  5. I love that youre Canadian! It saves me the disappointment of finding a case I love but having the disappointment of it not shipping to Canada!

  6. Mous Limitless case is good case but they made it slippery like they want you to drop it. Otter box I preferred the slim version the one here is actually too bulky for me.

  7. I’ve always been a spigen guy along with my wife and 5 kids phones, BUT just got the tough armor for iphone 13 pro max after waiting a month and wow am I disappointed. The lip meant to protect screen is super thin and will surely not offer much protection in a drop. I am returning. I want the Mous based on your review but the slick grip has me concerned and the price is just stupid.

  8. I’d like to know what the brand Blackweb is like which Wallmart in Canada sells. Blackweb is suppose to take a 15 ft fall test.

  9. This is the second time I’ve watched this and I noticed you had purchased a speck case. Idk what your thoughts were on it but my gf drove over 2 miles with it on the roof of her car where I accidentally forgot my phone. It stuck like glue until I realized what had happened. The next incident was only a week later when I left it on the hood (if your seeing a trend it’s that I’m clumsy and forgetful meaning I NEED a good case.) we didn’t realize it was on there till we were going 60 down our highway and it flew off. I thought for sure it was ruined but all that happened was that my spigen screen protector cracked. I can’t say better things about these products but still want sometime a little better, justifiably.

  10. Every time I get a new tech product the first place I check is your channel to see your review on the accessories.

  11. Thanks, I've been debating on which case to get for my iPhone 12 max pro, and I did a week research and the Mous Limitless 4.0 got my close attention, so seeing you said it's the best one and seeing all the different accessories you can use on it, I decided on getting this one 🙂 thanks.

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