Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

How To Use zkSync? Airdrop Incoming!

How To Use zkSync? Airdrop Incoming! – Video

Find out How To Use zkSync? How to mint NFT on zkSync? How to swap tokens on zkSync? Airdrop Incoming!


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How To Use zkSync? Airdrop Incoming! – Youtube


20 thoughts on “How To Use zkSync? Airdrop Incoming!”
  1. May I ask one thing? Will they be able to airdrop their token if you don't have their token ID added in your wallet first? I think I did all the steps but my wallet only has eth added so I was wondering how would that work. Sorry for the noob question I never got any airdrop before

  2. Earlier everything worked like your instructions. Now I cant send out. this error: Requesting fee error: "Request failed with status code 503
    Try again". My friend also get 503 error and cant see his balances. I'm wondering just a beta bug or maybe rug pull??

  3. Thank you for this helpful video! Do you know if it matters how much ETH we put into zkSync for the Airdrop?

  4. I get this message when trying to send from from L2 to another adress (with the account activation single time fee): Error: Request failed with status code 503

  5. Hi everyone! I have deposited Ethereum just like in the video, transaction got confirmed in metamask. But now no funds are showing up and my history is clear… can anybody help? Is this issue known?

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