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Grab It Review: Ratchet Reach Tool | As Seen on TV

Grab It Review: Ratchet Reach Tool | As Seen on TV – Video

Grab It is an As Seen on TV reaching tool with several unique features, such as a pivot head, ratchet or manual handle, LED light, jewelry hook, magnet, and folding handle. Here are my tests.

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Grab It Review: Ratchet Reach Tool | As Seen on TV – Youtube

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48 thoughts on “Grab It Review: Ratchet Reach Tool | As Seen on TV”
  1. That bend in the middle was a pain, until it let go with a can of dog food! Luckily, I was lifting frkm floor, not overhead. That can would have hurt. Of course, it broke past return date and email to company went unanswered, so that brand left my list. Hope others have better luck! The can of dog food actually landed on Abbie's foot! She yelped from surprise more than pain, since it was about inch above. I was trying to get around her to feed her. But that yelp made my decision!

  2. I'm disabled (have CRPS in 3/4 my body) & hv used a lot of these reachy grabby things. I'm super impressed with picking up that coin. May need to look into one of these…even tho it seems to have some issues (I'm approx 1/2 way thru vid so far)

  3. Please please please! I love your videos! I just never watch them in order. As they come up. I've gotten to a point where they show the ones I've seen again an again. I wish there was a way I could click on your channel and just see vids I've not seen before. Talk to YouTube bout this!

  4. I bought one of those cheaper grab its and I'm not comfortable using it for anything breakable. I bought it because I'm short and need help reaching up high.

  5. I've been relying on your reviews before buying anything. It really is helpful thank you. BTW are you single???

  6. This is a very good device as you see my other post I got it for a little over $17 as for ask for the little switch that changed to ratchet it's not that hard to engage push botton then push switch forward or back depending on what feature trying to engage has little lip that helps if you operate a collect correctly the batteries for the LED flashlight or in the head just below the Jaw while it may not pick up the type of lightbulb that the ad for this video shows that will grab regular type light bulbs you must use the regular mode grab the bulb then Engage The Ratchet it will hold on if you grabbed it correctly but as for the top a lot bully used in this video it probably wouldn't be good but changing one like that because of the odd shape though I do think the hook should be on one jaw in the magnet on the other so it doesn't get in the way but this is one of the best grab devices I'm seen and I looked through a lot of them on eBay I recommend this model above all others I did see some by sellers that had metal Jaws but this is one of the best for the price I paid a little bit over $8 a piece all the way it should have been cheaper specially for as long as I had to wait I waited 14 days for it to show up the seller stated it was in Australia when it was actually coming from China other than that it was a pretty good deal I thought yes I recommend this mall

  7. Got on eBay$1738 Free shipping and tax only extra charge be careful 2 sellers selling two for this price one in China take 3to 8 weeks to get one only takes 7-14 day's don't buy kind with two suction cups at end brakes ezy this one better don't expect miricals will work for what i need for cheng regular light bulbs everything works as advertised will last for years

  8. I love mine, but now it's not staying straight in the middle if I'm holding it with that button marked PUSH facing downward. I didn't misuse it; it just began flopping in half so I'm not sure if I have to push something back in place or is it actually broken? I bought it on sale and found out it was probably returned because the rachet didn't work, but I fixed it. Hope I can fix this problem now!

  9. I just want to buy this coz I breed rats for my pet snake.. I can't grab the rats using my hand.. I'm glad someone invented this thing.. Good job!

  10. Grabbing the glasses gave me so much anxiety😂😂😂 I expected them to come crashing down to the ground

  11. You sure were brave to try bulbs and glasses with that thing. I would not risk it after seeing the some of the other tests.

  12. I bought mine awhile ago and lost it inside my place, just found it and pulled a plastic tab and a little light came on I can't turn off, that little button doesn't make it turn off, also I cannot move that button to change to ratchet mode. The button that makes it fold also doesn't work and it's wobbly. I can use it for a few things but definitely not worth the $20 I spent.

  13. Little late to the review…I remember when I was handed my grabbers for trash picking at the rest area where I worked cleaning. Seemed ok. Until I considered the concept of whomever "ticket man" was. This dude rolled by on occasion and blessed me with a torn up ticket log in a hundred pieces all along the fence line behind the restrooms. None of the others had any pointers of how to handle such tasks but I can assure you I found frusteration with this gadget and just ended up bending over and going for it. Haha.

  14. I'm in a WC and hate dropping things on the floor. That grabber looks OK 2 me, especially picking up coins. Dropping a coin absolutely sucks. How it locks when picking something up's pretty cool. And how it folds up looks cool 2. That looks better than having 2 carry a grabber that don't fold. Nice review.

  15. Why wouldn't you place the bulb more securely at the end of the grabber with your other hand, like you would in a real-world use? You wouldn't put the lightbulb down, then grab it from 3 feet away, and try to screw it into the socket.

  16. I have tried several different grabbers including the one you get at the hospital. My favorite is the Pik Stik. The shorter version works best. It has the grabber that can be either vertical or horizontal which is very useful. I did find the 3 foot one harder to use. It was unstable. It did however work on getting stuff out from behind the stove or dresser. I keep a short one in my car.

  17. When I first opened the package, I couldn't push the button to open it. My husband had to do it. Now, it won't lock open. Not very pleased.

  18. ii broke my neck/back recently and had to use one of these to pick things up off the floor, this one is absolute junk compared to some other ones out there. mine broke within a week and is now stuck in ratcheting mode which makes it annoying as hell to use.

  19. The only thing I am not satisfied with about the grab it tool is that it is not very sturdy where it folds while extended. It is very shaky, like a wobbly side to side motion.
    Other than that it is ok to me.
    Is anybody else’s like this or is something wrong with the one that I have???

  20. It seems like it is not much better than the ones at the dollar store. The last one we bought from the dollar store has lasted years and works surprisingly well for all sorts of things.

  21. Have a metal one that was bought at hardware supply store. It amazing, light weight and has picked up over fifteen pounds. Makes moving 5 acres easier.

  22. What a massive shame. It would be so great for being in a wheelchair, but it has so many flaws it would be more of a hassle than anything.

    A better solution is probably a pool net so you could just scoop things off the floor.

  23. My Gopher serves the purpose I bought it for – collecting stuff that falls down behind appliances. It's pretty sturdy, though I've not really weight tested it. the suction cups on the ends seem friendly for more fragile items. I'd like the light feature.

  24. You really didn't have to point theLED light into the camera int he beginning there, and there for the eyes of the viewer at home,that was kind of rude to me, and hurt my eyes.

  25. how do you repair these when the metal wire that runs from the trigger grip to the claw breaks, or detaches? they"re better than the suction cup style, but still they break easily.

  26. It has potential but is made cheaply. Sux they advertise being able to screw in a light bulb yet it doesn't hold any securely & if u r still using those god awful spiral fluorescent bulbs like u tried 1st & they drop & break, u now have poison all over your floor & most ppl don't know how to safely clean up a broken bulb of that type.

    If it's on carpet, ugh.. if u have children or pets u will want to replace your carpet cuz u can't vacuum without causing more health issues & add poison to vacuum which will blow out each time u use it cuz powder can get Trapped in hose, filter, canister or bag. The tape method of clean up isn't going to get all that powder & glass out of rug fibers & every nook & cranny of most carpets. Bare floor easier to clean but still dangerous to break on any surface & clean up needs to b hella thorough especially with pets & children. Honestly best to not use those poison bulbs & stick to LED but if an elderly or handicapped person especially tried to change 1 of those bulbs, good luck cleaning up the health hazard & worse if they aren't aware of the hazard & contaminate vacuum for life etc.

    I wish some1 would come out with the Ultimate grabber that works for everything ppl need it for from light to heavier items & different sizes & shapes with lots of durability.

  27. I see those all over dollar stores, that one is probably better tho, maybe if you could find one in a nearby dollar store you could compare in the aftermath video

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