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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Gadget makes "Golden Eggs" by spinning them? Golden Goose Review

Gadget makes "Golden Eggs" by spinning them? Golden Goose Review – Video

Golden Goose is an in-the-shell egg scrambler. It was fun to try but not very practical or consistent.

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Gadget makes "Golden Eggs" by spinning them? Golden Goose Review – Youtube

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27 thoughts on “Gadget makes "Golden Eggs" by spinning them? Golden Goose Review”
  1. If you take hard-boiled eggs off the heat and plunge them in ice water to cool they will be easy to peel… the icier the water the better…

  2. I dont know what it is about James delivery … I wouldnt buy 99% of these products but I enjoy watching him review it anyways … I think it might be because hes not over the top and trying too hard to be cool and I know we will get his honest opinion and Im always curious of his creative scientific methods that hell deploy .. thanks for the great content and braving the trenches of endless gadgets and uncovering those rare gems so we dont have to waste our time and money … much appreciated!

  3. For $20… that's a complete rip off!!! There used to be a made on tv gadget where you stuck a pin like device into the egg and it would blend the egg inside the shell. That device was smaller, easier, and actually worked.

  4. Chinese toy for kids…well it is fun but I prefer to shake it by hand also came out golden egg and not to pay for 18 bucks.

  5. I feel like peeling the shell would be alot easier if you cracked the shell, then submerged them in water. The water pushes into the shell separating them and makes it alot easier to peel.

  6. A) peeling you crack the large end first and use the inner membrane to help peel the egg B) After cracking the large end of the egg roll it on a flat surface this will also help when peeling and C) running water will also help when peeling the egg suprised you knew none of this…

  7. 7:40 i wonder if it works better with normal eggs ,not the american white eggs that have been chemically bleached that ruins the shell makes it thinner and loses the protective film

  8. Try again and add salt to your boiling water. It works to make normal eggs peel better might try it with the golden eggs
    Edit: i worked at a restaurant we made deviled eggs every sunday and would add a few teaspoons to a few tablespoons depending on how many eggs you boil. Was taught this growing up as well im suprised how many people dont know this

  9. Tsk, I'm so glad that I get your subscribe so I will know which is good or horrible..

    Egg spinning tool are so horrible, I won't buy!

  10. I've used a sock to spin it around just like you're doing there and it works like a charm. Plus…it's free.

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