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Double Review: Atomic Lighter vs Ever Light

Double Review: Atomic Lighter vs Ever Light – Video

Today I put two electronic lighters to the test: Atomic Lighter and Ever Light. Can these replace old-fashioned lighters? That’s what I try to find out in this double review. These cost about $15-$20 each.

• Here’s a brief update after six months:
• Written reviews: Atomic Lighter:
• Ever Light:

• Atomic Lighter and Everlight are no longer sold!
• A highly-rated arc lighter:
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• Lapel Mic:
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Double Review: Atomic Lighter vs Ever Light – Youtube

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50 thoughts on “Double Review: Atomic Lighter vs Ever Light”
  1. One consideration I noticed is that my autistic son could hear a high-pitched noise coming from the lighters, even from across the room, so I had to mute and watch with captions. Just something to think about for parents of SPD kids.

  2. Running over the atomic lighter was probably the best use for it, it wouldn't keep a charge for more than 3 uses and eventually went into the garbage, which is the proper place for it.

  3. To light a cigarette, you don't need to put the cigarette in contact with arc contact, otherwise you would short circuit the battery which is why it stopped working after that. You just need to put the tip of the cigarette next to the arc and inhale just like u do with normal light, the arc will then be "sucked" to the cigarette and light it up.

  4. The Ever Light looks somewhat promising, but the Atomic Lighter is way too limited. And both of them seem to be trying to solve a problem that no one has. Why wouldn't you just use a regular lighter for those tasks?

    The biggest problem seems to be how easily they get clogged up. when the Atomic Lighter failed on the cigarette, I don't think it was the batteries going out. It seems much more likely that it got clogged with ash once it lit a cigarette, which is terrible design.

    I think that's the main flaw with both of them: Unless they can develop some way to clean the electrical leads automatically after every use, I don't see them as practical products.

  5. Damn, these things make awful noise – I don't know if it's the recording, the fact that I listen with headphones or a combination of both, but the Atomic lighter has such a shrill and piercing sound, when it works.

  6. i dont know if this helps but if you take the flap from your matches and use it to create pressure on the head of the match you can strike the match easier

  7. the atomic lighter is a total POS for smokers. Mine never worked reliably and never made it through a pack of smokes.

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  9. Check out the "Taclighter" from Bell + Howell. It has a removable lid and easier accessible plasma stream plus it is rechargable.

  10. Based on your review…….

    I like it. Keep it dry, use it to start a fire……. using small dry stuff first. I can see the advantages……. specially if you can recharge it with the Sun ☀️.
    I believe that once you figure out how to best use it, you will have not problems setting anything on fire 🔥.

    Thank you for sharing. You did a good job 👍.


  11. I own the atomic lighter. It looks cool, but it’s mostly useless to me. It could be way better with your recommendations.

  12. I don't like the looks of either lighter. The 'flame' arc is too enclosed in the mechanism so it'
    s difficult to access. Enjoyed the review though.

  13. well it died cause you hit the button about 1000 times and it was clogged so the power was just running without the arc

  14. i wouldnt get any of these cause i dont see them working for cigars something tells me if you dropped it it wouldnt work anymore

  15. Very nice video. However I have a safety tip for you. Don’t try to put any bare metal wires in the arc because you will get a very memorable shock.

  16. I have an atomic lighter, I use it at home where I can take it off the charger, light a smoke and then put it back on the charger. It has a rechargeable battery, but it doesn't hold much of a charge. At full charge, it really only lights 2 cigarettes once you learn to let the arc connect to the end of the cigarette rather than trying to shove the cigarette between the conductors. It's great for reducing how fast you go through lighters if you're a pack a day smoker, because you're not burning butane while at home. So I keep the atomic lighter at home and use regular butane lighters while at work or out and and about, makes my lighters last 4x as long.

  17. I love my plasma lighter. I have a gooseneck one so it's superior to a regular butane torch. I've had so much trouble with cheap butane lighters not lighting and running out of fuel etc plus it can be difficult to light candles straight up and down or in the wind. My plasma lighter had yet to clog, and it holds a charge forever. It'll be a great tool in possible emergencies.

  18. you cant actually touch the cigarette to the arc. hover it near it……. happens to me all the time. if it does plug it into charger and unplug it when the light flashes. ur done. it works again.

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