Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Crypto News: Best Time For Cardano & Solana (Facebook Loves NFTs & Crypto)

Crypto News: Best Time For Cardano & Solana (Facebook Loves NFTs & Crypto) – Video

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news. Are Facebook NFTs about to become a thing? Find out the latest news on Facebook’s venture into the NFT space. Plus, we’ll give you the latest updates on the XRP vs SEC lawsuit.

0:00 Intro
4:25 Market Watch
11:15 Q&A
25:28 Charts
32:42 Facebook NFTs
40:15 Coinbase Drama
45:45 ADA Japan & Sidechain
53:06 New Players in the Game
1:00:14 Video Game Taxes
1:06:30 Sept. 27th Crypto Bill
1:12:12 XRP & SEC Update

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Crypto News: Best Time For Cardano & Solana (Facebook Loves NFTs & Crypto) – Youtube


37 thoughts on “Crypto News: Best Time For Cardano & Solana (Facebook Loves NFTs & Crypto)”
  1. Probably not … the best time was last year, now the whales are getting rich on ordinary people who believe in these traps.

  2. Can you recommend a channel that caters to the smaller capital viewers. have experience and understand the crypto world but need some advice on starting small and building big!

  3. Bitboy and Cryptosrus have POLAR opposite opinions on VR.

    George says FB Oculus is a dead project going nowhere and VR sucks

    Bitboy says its active and the future ok

  4. Taxing crypto earnings makes no sense. So you're going to tax somebody once when they earn crypto, again when they sell crypto, and again when they use the Fiat cash to buy goods and services? Na

  5. Builders and holders will be rewarded for sure and as an $ADA holder it's nice to see Cardano building out smart contracts fast. Projects like CardWallet has embraced the opportunity to build a Multi-Chain Non-Custodial wallet for all assets including $ADA with lots of features which includes zero swap fees

  6. I am not sure why someone who has been in the space for so long would give such information.
    After coins run up a lot, they go down a lot. So yes, Cardano could have a 40% correction, even in a bull market.

  7. Has anyone had success reaching customer service about missing coins taken from their accounts? How do we get our coins back?

  8. I don’t even like s*** coins but to see you lie on safemoon and make yourself look dumb af then not come back and retract your statement looks worse be a man and own your mistake smh not that hard

  9. Is there any possible way we could just talk about crypto and stop all the time wasting babble. I'm about to unsubscribe. I keep finding myself screaming " just get to the point!".

  10. 1hr 20 minute video…. 10 minutes of crypto info 🤣 yall gonna go broke listing to this moonboy that thinks he knows everything 🤡

  11. 40:20 Wait, Ben is related to Brian Armstrong? The largest crypto channel on youtube is owned by the nephew of the CEO of coinbase?

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