Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Comparing Five Name-Brand Pillows! Casper, Sealy, Sleep Number, SnugglePedic, Tempur-Pedic

Comparing Five Name-Brand Pillows! Casper, Sealy, Sleep Number, SnugglePedic, Tempur-Pedic – Video

Today I’m comparing 5 name-brand pillows: Casper Original, Sealy Memory Foam Gel, Sleep Number ComfortFit Classic, SnugglePedic Original Bamboo Memory Foam, and Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur-Cloud Adjustable. Brandon & Jacey also tested these out and here are our results after testing these for 6 weeks.

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0:00 Introduction
2:17 Casper
6:00 Sealy
9:59 Sleep Number
13:48 SnugglePedic
18:19 Tempur-Pedic
21:21 Individual Rankings
26:10 Consensus Ranking and Conclusion

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Comparing Five Name-Brand Pillows! Casper, Sealy, Sleep Number, SnugglePedic, Tempur-Pedic – Youtube

Product Reviews

27 thoughts on “Comparing Five Name-Brand Pillows! Casper, Sealy, Sleep Number, SnugglePedic, Tempur-Pedic”
  1. For those wondering, I chose not to include pillows I've reviewed in the past, including MyPillow, Purple, etc.

  2. pillows are so subjective everyone is different great job on the review though.
    so any chance of a review on the aero garden system?

  3. Fun reviews. I actually use four pillows that I push around all night. One is body length and the others are a mix of firm and soft..

  4. I usually buy Sealy pillows because they're inexpensive and Walmart has several different styles and firmnesses to choose from. I hate Walmart but for pillows it the best there is in my remote neck of the woods. Surprisingly their own brand of pillows isn't too bad but they break down quicker than the Sealy ones do and they often don't survive a wash.

  5. Thank you guys for all the efforts and always enjoy a review that involves different opinions from different people this really helps!

  6. I would like it freakin if you could insert funny memes or noises in your videos … " down pillow was down on the bottom of my list"

  7. It’s great to hear how each persons review is slightly different. I feel I fit more to James style, like it a bit more firm but a bit fluffy as well. Don’t like textured stuff on my pillows.

    Great review!

  8. Casper only used to offer what was basically the mid loft, which the one I used. Low loft is probably too low unless you spend the night on your stomach.

  9. My Casper pillows unzip and contain another pillow inside that can be removed. I keep them together as one pillow though – they would be too flat for me otherwise. I've owned these for about a year and will not repurchase them when the time comes to replace them but, overall, they've been alright. I think the construction is great; they just aren't quite what I'm looking for in a pillow.

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