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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Bitcoin REJECTED (Investors Show ZERO Confidence)

Bitcoin REJECTED (Investors Show ZERO Confidence) – Video

Why does bitcoin keep getting rejected? On today’s show, we will discuss Bitcoin’s inability to hold up $50k. Are the markets turning? Community DAO’s are becoming increasingly more popular and is Blockbuster Video back from the ruins and making a name for themselves in WEB3?

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Mac & Cheeasy, Crypto Keeper, Evan Aldo and Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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Evan Aldo:

Intro music by Gregario Franco. Song – Nacht

All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

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Bitcoin REJECTED (Investors Show ZERO Confidence) – Youtube

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29 thoughts on “Bitcoin REJECTED (Investors Show ZERO Confidence)”
  1. U just made a video 10 hrs before this saying Bitcoin supercycle 😭 how does anyone take this man seriously

  2. Lol I love how almost every single channel wastes a bunch of time telling us what’s up and what’s down and by how much . Cuz we all a bunch of kindergarteners who can’t fn read. What would we do without all these “experts” to guide us

  3. BITCOIN IS A DEAD END. I'm saying this for about two years !!!
    The BTC hype is over. Investors are getting more and more smart.

  4. What are you talking about???????
    FUNGIBLE NFT ,,,,,
    what NFT meant to be????????
    dust in the EYES,, is yours policy

  5. Why is everyone in denial, the trend is downnnn, and, in the long term weekly and monthly it looks even worse. You guys are turning into another CNBC show, boring.

  6. “Its 100% going to 100k by the end of the year…. “ Think Ben needs to do an apology show…. Dressed as a clown this time… perhaps give the show to Ben Cohen….

  7. Bitcoin is not even a good Ponzi scheme as it is not effective as it west big part of the investors money due to equipment and electricity cost , is basically shallowed tens of billions of dollars in 2021

  8. Since Crypto is correlated to stocks and that stocks like DOW and NASDAQ are close to their Fibo tops and probably geting ready for a major correction….it is very possible that $69k was the top, if this is the case, we may get a last pump towards $56/$58k and then it´s game over for BTC. In a couple of weeks we will reach the 4 years lenght of this actual cycle ( around the 14th Jan), so we´ll see what happens very soon.
    Many indicators are showing that we are near the end, it´s true that some whales have been buying recently, but it is also true that many have been cashing out for months now, same goes for ETH that shows that the number of Ethereum addresses holding at least 1,000 ETH dropped to a four-year low this week.

  9. I think also the market is being manipulated by the Deep state as they're not getting their way with the covert mandates and they want the great recent. Yes this sounds political but you've also got to realize how much control the Deep state has.

  10. Blockbuster wasn't out to change the financial world so the analogy doesn't really hold water at all. We have some of the most influential and deeply entrenched and politically connected traditional finance entities who will fight tooth and nails to not let cryptos take over their livelihood. It's going to be a battle for the ages!

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