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Big fan of ADA but…

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Big fan of ADA but…


Big fan of ADA but… – Reddit


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  1. They are still gearing up: Alonzo is barely a month old and the ERC-20 Converter will take another 2-4 weeks, namely: end of November. This is all to say that Cardano is still working on its tech. There will be a serious tipping point by Q3 of 2022, I believe. Patience.

  2. For me the tech is all the marketing Cardano really needs.

    Fast, cheap, secure & reliable transactions. Easy staking, very decentralized, catalyst voting.

    Great roadmap including Babel fees and isomorphic layer 2.

  3. Cardano has been featured in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance and many other reputable publishers. It’s the number four coin by ranking of market cap, and it doesn’t even have any fully functional Dapps running on it. It doesn’t get to where it has without gaining public exposure. IOHK does a great job posting weekly recaps along with bi-monthly video updates on progress within the ecosystem. The MoonBoi Kool-Aid is delicious, but you shouldn’t drink too much of it or your expectations become a bit skewed. Progress takes time… and this applies to every project out there, not just Cardano.

    On a side note, I think it’s important to understand that the crypto space doesn’t have any “quick fixes” for the issues that it is facing (i.e. Scalability, Interoperability, Governance, etc.) If you are here looking for a project that is going to be launching ground-breaking tech every other day, then you will surely be disappointed. That project simply doesn’t (and can’t) exist. All you can do is find projects that are constantly making advancements and have teams with proper funding to continue development for the next several years. Those are the projects that will be successful in the long-term, no matter the marketing.


    To ultimately answer your concern… Natural marketing comes in the next month or so when Dapps start to launch. Utility of the network is the ultimate marketing tool. No need for promises, just do the damn thing and people will come.

  4. If you’re looking to mainstream sources of crypto news, you won’t find much. Cardano isn’t sexy, and it wasn’t made to be. It was made to be robust and reliable for the long term.

    News outlets exist to sell ad space, and they aren’t going to do it with boring articles about a product that is doing things slow and methodically. They want to cover the new, sexy, flashy stuff.

    If you want news, you gotta get it from IOG.

  5. Tesla has demonstrated that if you have a great product, you don’t need marketing. What is marketing anyway but a bunch of exaggeration and lies.

  6. If by marketing you mean informing the public on what is going on, then I agree. I haven’t seen much of anything as far as what is happening in the background. Right now I have fear that ADA is missing a huge opportunity in the market. If IOHK is positive that what they have built is going to instantly dominate the market, once timelock is released, then great. But let’s start talking about it and bring in retail investors. Retail investors have been shitting on Cardano, and as much as it could just be FUD we ADA believers don’t have any info to throw back at them.

  7. I actually prefer ADA to be a little under the radar, would you rather it be ICP who spends a shit ton of money on advertising rather than actually building a system that will be sustainable and in my opinion, takeover ethereum?

  8. strong marketing is essential ! who’s gonna use your product if nobody knows it, nobody cares about it or believe it… how are you going to reach new users without strong marketing when there are thousands of projects…! think about it

    great tech is not enough if we dont have great tools to sell it.

    Cardano needs strong marketing !

  9. I’m a little confused about this coin. I love what stands for but GD…I’ve seen more pics of Charles on holiday than actual movement of this coin….

  10. Can you be more specific? You think there is too much or not enough? People outside Cardano say that the only reason Cardano is big is because of its amazing marketing.

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