Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Best of 2021! Top 10 Best Products from Amazon, Shark Tank, and More!

Best of 2021! Top 10 Best Products from Amazon, Shark Tank, and More! – Video

Here are my picks for the Top 10 best products that I reviewed in 2021! These include As Seen on TV products, Amazon gadgets, Shark Tank, and more. GIVEAWAY details below!

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Best of 2021! Top 10 Best Products from Amazon, Shark Tank, and More! – Youtube

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20 thoughts on “Best of 2021! Top 10 Best Products from Amazon, Shark Tank, and More!”
  1. Talk to me in a year with the ninja pan. I've gotten all sorts of pans that are supposedly non stick and they all stick and get scratches after a while. The only ones that haven't are my granitestone one that after a couple of years nothing sticks to. My best pan is a no name grill pan l paid 5 bucks for on the clearance rack at Homegoods.

  2. Oh hey I bought that car vac after you reviewed it! It's a great little vacuum. Perfect for when a massive container of glitter spilled in my trunk, and the tire inflater has saved me from having to make a trip to Kwik Kar every time we get a cold snap and the pressure changes. All around a solid product.

  3. You should have some Amazon affilIate links we could easily purchase thru while you make some $$! Diggin the car food tray, car vac/tire inflator that even auto shuts off when pressure hit, and I might get the ninja pan

  4. James: "Dog hair, man. So much dog hair."

    Bailey is in the video even when she's not. I'm not complaining about that. Hehe. We love you and your family, Mr. White. The family includes your pets! Plus I love how you say "Baaaaaaaaailey!"

  5. I've been addicted to your videos since I found you over a year ago and nothing has changed. I get excited for new videos every time. I don't comment much but this video really inspired me to since I was going "oh yea I remember that one!" to all of these lol

  6. Loved this video, that Stir Crazy Popcorn machine caught my eye.. our machine just departed.. We already have the Hamilton Toaster, you definitely have some great products listed today. I already made a list, as soon as my non stick pan dies, guess who's coming home.. That Portable dishwasher is beautifully designed, and also loved looking inside as well. Thank you sir, I'll let my friends know.

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