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Ball Aluminum Cups Review: Better Than Plastic? #TeamSeas

Ball Aluminum Cups Review: Better Than Plastic? #TeamSeas – Video

Today as part of the #TeamSeas challenge I’m comparing aluminum cups to plastic cups to see if they are a better option. $1 is one less pound of trash in the Ocean. Join #TeamSease at

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0:00 Introduction
1:33 Unboxing
2:21 Tested vs Plastic Cups
4:16 Crush
4:37 Pros and Cons
7:46 Outtakes

Music by Epidemic Sound
“No Stone Unturned” by Brendon Moeller

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Ball Aluminum Cups Review: Better Than Plastic? #TeamSeas – Youtube

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46 thoughts on “Ball Aluminum Cups Review: Better Than Plastic? #TeamSeas”
  1. Here a question.
    The plastic cup has measurements built into it, does the aluminum cup ?
    I think it's a great idea. 👍👍

  2. One more con of aluminium cup is that aluminium would slowly seep into the liquids and it is not good for our health. Better to use glass or steel.

  3. 💚Reduce, reuse and recycle ♻️
    Lake Mead is up from when I was out there last month, very good to see.

  4. While metals are "infinitely recyclable" it is still far better to have an infinitely reusable product. Recycling uses a lot of energy, and possibly water, too (depending on what is being recycled).

  5. Hold on didn’t we get rid of aluminium pots because it leaches chemical that cause dementia and now we are meant to drink out of aluminium cup ?? Hard pass, I’ll stick to my cold brew tea out of a glass.

  6. So you take the idea of a one-time-use plastic cup that's literally its design is it's meant to be used as a single time and you make aluminum cup for recycling and to get around people complaining about being more expensive you say but you can use it for a couple weeks and I'm here thinking why would I want a used something that I'm only using a single time for a couple weeks I don't know that seems like a con not pro to me

  7. About damn time someone gave a damn about the ocean, it produces 75% of the oxygen in our ecosystem and it has been bad for so long, people will blow up social media about a man robbing a store and getting held down by police during a arrest but very little talk about the ocean, but let's make this clear.. plastic is bad but the fishing done in industry is the biggest issue going on with the ocean, I study corals and grow and frag corals at home, and in my research I've found that 50% of the GBR is already dead and it's changing rapidly, thousands of years old corals dying in our lifetime… But the plastic movement is a cover up story for the fishing industry. Has been for years, but thanks for contributing. Any and all helps!!!

  8. It's pretty sad that we got to clean up the ocean because the fish are such Hoarders of trash and it keeps messing up the beaches.

  9. Aluminum from the cup leaches into your beverage. It’s toxic and your body won’t eliminate it so the levels of aluminum accumulates over time. Fun fact – Alzheimer’s patients have high concentrations of aluminum in their brains. A better solution is stainless steel that isn’t thrown away. Or glass. Both are dishwasher safe. Stainless is cheaper in the long run because it will last for years & years & years. The downside – it’s not disposable. The upside – it’s not disposable.

  10. The reason you don't want hot beverages in it isn't because the cup gets hot…I mean obviously yes, the cup may become too hot to handle if the liquid is hot enough…but it's because it will leach aluminum and that's generally not considered a good thing to ingest.

  11. dont we have an aluminum shortage right now? i saw these in the store and thought it was an odd time to release them

  12. Wonder if the box is recyclable usually the plastic "sleeve" bags that plastic cups come in isnt…
    I've put the ball aluminum cup in the dishwasher just to test, and can see no difference in the before and after but that's not a scientific observation just a real and regular semi- normal person observation. I foo, was concerned with pogential.taste and smell nothing noticeable whatsoever. These are grezt, and when you start to.get old and have arthritic hands, etc, don't have to worry about breakage if dropped. Much rather drink from aluminum than plastic!

  13. Is using an excessive amount of water to wash dishes more environmentally friendly than using disposable plastic?
    Miss say you should conserve water but they also say you should reuse things but if you want to reuse something you eat with that's dirty then you have to use water so I'm confused. Is one always better than the other or does it matter where you live?

  14. My boyfriend works for Ball corporation, they've started to distribute the cups in NFL and other sport stadiums took

  15. May not be “dishwasher” safe, but it’s really not “dishwasher detergent” safe, fill the washer up with the cups and run it without detergent👍🏼

  16. For general home use, I've been using the same thick plastic cups for a decade.

    I guess the aluminium cups might make sense for parties. Maybe they're slightly better for the environment than disposable plastic cups.

    But I guess there's still an environmental cost in the recycling process.

    I also use ceramic mugs and glasses, but sometimes they get broken if they fall.

    My stainless steel double walled water bottle gets used every day and keeps my drinks hot or cold for longer than I could ever need.

    I've been using that every day for many years.

  17. Seeing this many influencers support such a great cause makes my HEART grow like Mr. Grinches 💗 I made a Team Seas video too💙

  18. How about you buy one small package of plastic cups, and use them for better insulation for the AL cups? The idiots at bell should have provided like 2 coozies for every 6 AL cups. I'm not going to deny that they are more recyclable, but they're probably not user-friendly. If I mix a hot-tottie in one, I wouldn't want it on my glass bar top, or in my hand.

  19. The only point of recycling is to put the resources back into the planet… I'm no chemist but an aluminum cup in the landfill does that. Right?

  20. Silver tin cup, I fill you up, Let's have a party, Let's have a party! I love you Silver tin cup, I lift you up, Proceed to party, Proceed to party!

  21. Did anyone else have the different colored aluminum cups back in the 70s and prior? I remember not liking them, lol.

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