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Arctic Hat Review: Does This Cooling Hat Work?

Arctic Hat Review: Does This Cooling Hat Work? – Video

Arctic Hat is an As Seen on TV “cooling hat” but does it work? Here is my review in both the dry desert and the humid beach.

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0:00 Introduction and Overview
1:53 Dry Climate Test
5:07 Humid Climate Test
8:52 Final Thoughts

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Arctic Hat Review: Does This Cooling Hat Work? – Youtube

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50 thoughts on “Arctic Hat Review: Does This Cooling Hat Work?”
  1. I just bought one. I live in southern Spain and it is often 30-40c (in shade) in July and August. I am going to try it now whilst I feed my horses. I usually wear a straw hat but I am hoping this will be better. Dry heat here mostly. Glad I saw your review.

  2. The test in Florida was bogus because you used ocean water, which probably was 70 to 80 degrees. It appeared in Vegas you poured water from an insulated cup that was probably cool/cold water. I think the hat works best using cool/cold water.

  3. I am unloading a trailer full of Beach hats right now and I was just curious to know what was in the box and I did get three boxes that was already open and these has the great can't wait to try one once I go buy it at my local Home Depot where all these hats being shipped off to

  4. An excellent hat that I use for my work and it keeps me in an excellent condition of freshness every day

  5. My mom likes to hike here in Colorado, where the air is super dry. I'll think about getting it for her, but I'm not 100% sure she'll wear something in this style 🙂 Always hit and miss to give someone a useful gift that's also a bold fashion choice.

  6. Got to think about your body temperature from walking and hiking. Thats why it was 87. Because the hat was keeping it cool take it off it will be higher then 90's

  7. I find that it works quite well in humid conditions, Just after a hour or so I poor more cold water in and I'm cool as a cucumber, Plus the wide brim keeps most of the sun off and the reflection works great as well ! How do you think
    Kung- Fu got through the desert.

  8. I bought one. I like that it does block the sun very well. I’m not crazy about the style, but when it’s very hot, the style is not the first consideration. I will say that it’s not too bad looking. I bought mine at an end of season sale, so I’m not disappointed with the price.

  9. I wish I saw this earlier, got my wife one and it doesn't work, probably because Hawaii is so humid. Oh well. Thanks for the info.

  10. Yes you look so good it belongs on your head if I see you on my st I run the other way In my house and lock the door lol

  11. Who else is going crazy looking at that drawstring on his hat? It's uneven!!! FIX IT!!! ARGH!! lol

  12. It's been in the 90s and 100s in Los Angeles, but the humidity is in the low teens to single digits. I may try the Arctic hat, but I have a feeling it may not fit my head, I am a long hair.

  13. You have convinced me to go ahead and buy the Arctic hat. I live in AZ so it should really work for me. I have an illness that makes me unable to stand the sun and heat. Thank you for helping me.

  14. My wife bought it for me for Christmas and I was like WTH, I'm not wearing that, but then I wore it to the beach and it is awesome, I now fish offshore with it (lost it a few weeks ago so I am buying a 2nd one) and love it. p.s. I live beachfront in Cocoa Beach, Fl.

  15. The only thing I noticed that you did different was in Vegas you checked the temp of your head after the 20 min. walk and in Florida you did not, so I am still unsure if it was working or not…only on how you felt it worked…Maybe try again and give the reading of your head temp in Florida…that would give a better accounting of accuracy…thanks though on the review

  16. I live in Lancaster, CA which is a desert so I think I'd wear it. I never wear a hat indoors so this wouldn't make me change my mind. If it work I'd wear it.

    Its ok looking, it looks like a safari hat. I think it looks better than a cowboy hat (sorry cowboys and cowgirls). Usually if I wear a hat its either a baseball cap or a beanie. If it was something I could try, I'd be more likely to buy it, but then again to see how it feels, how I look (typically I don't look good in hats).

    Good review!

  17. I’ve poured concrete for the last 30 years I bought this two years ago and swear by it it will knock off that heat

  18. ust bought it today and used it it lasted 3 minutes then was as hot as my normal hat. put more ice water on it and same result!


  19. I'll probably get one, I like the brim, kinda like an umbrella 😀 any little bit of coolness when it's hot will work!!
    Thanks for last years review.
    Yea it looks good on you. The very top, not so much looks more like a reflector, but that's what keeps the uv out. I will still try one of those Arctic Hats.

  20. It looked like in Vegas you put chilled water from your bottle in the arctic hat. Then in Florida you used ocean water which is going to be 40 degrees higher than chilled water from a bottle. What do you think?

  21. i noticed you put cold bottle water in vegas and hot sea water in Florida. how is that scientific? bad review

  22. i live in hawaii i just ordered the artic hat ,i have the artic air love it still works great after 3 yrs ,

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