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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Apple Check out Sequence 3 Review 2021

Apple Enjoy Collection 3 Review 2021 – Video clip

Now I’m sharing my Apple View Series 3 Review 2021. Is it continue to well worth buying this 12 months? Need to you get the Sequence 6, the SE or adhere with a FitBit? Let me know in the responses what you consider also!

Intro: :00
Environment Up The Watch: 1:13
View Dimensions: 1:39
Look at Face Customization: 2:09
Check out Excellent: 2:59
Activity Monitoring: 3:22
Security Capabilities: 4:00
Locate my Apple iphone: 4:35
Battery Lifetime: 5:07
Buddies and Spouse and children Opinions: 6:20
Pricing: 7:30
Last Views and Outro: 8:13

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Apple Check out Sequence 3 Review 2021 – Youtube

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29 thoughts on “Apple Watch Collection 3 Review 2021”
  1. If i was u i should buy the series 4 because it has haptic feedback, larger display, more battery life, the edges are smoother

  2. The only problem I would say is when u let your watch die and leave it off charge for a long time it does take long for the charge to increase so I just wanted to say but it’s worth buying

  3. I get my first Apple Watch ⌚️ series 3 gift from my friend this year and I have iPhone 13 pro max and Beat studio AirPods and it’s my first Apple Products have this year I been with android for 7 year’s …..

  4. Great video!!! It’s like your reading my mind I too want a Apple Watch and I checked out the price for the series three and now here I am looking at the reviews in 2021 it seems like it is worth buying 😉

  5. The series 3 and the others are the same size, they're not bigger. The display is bigger on the other models because it gets to the edges whereas the series 3 has bigger bezels that's why it has a smaller display.

  6. Was wondering if I should get this for my daughter and you convinced me so thank you. Ps $100 this Black Friday at Walmart.

  7. Does the series 3 have the camera remote app? I want to put my iPhone on a tripod and see what I am recording on my watch

  8. The 40ml is not really bigger than the 38mm. But it had so much more screen (more screen than the 42mm). 🙂
    Also, it is understandable to not want a watch you need to charge daily (or maybe a little more). Of course it is going to drain a lot faster than the Fitbit band you’re used to. Hopefully they do improve this, since like 3 days would be very nice!
    As a tip, you can turn on airplane mode on the watch in order to disconnect! Or turn on power saving mode to simply just have a clock available.
    I agree the price can be high, especially for people not use if they will use it. But apple has been updating their devices for quite a while. The series 3 may not get past watchOS 8; however, it got updates in 18,19,20, 21, and perhaps further.

  9. I hope to have one of apple watches but can I use it on ipad because I have Samsung galaxy note ultra 20…

  10. I am planning to buy my own but the 18hours battery life bothers me. Like you have to charge it everyday. But the item is really cool.

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