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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Apple iphone 12 Pro Review – Skip it IF…

Iphone 12 Pro Review – Skip it IF… – Video

my in-depth Apple iphone 12 Pro review. Additional Professional & additional worthy of it than you may possibly believe. Get pleasure from!
we made a music out of the MagSafe sound 😮
Shot on Apple iphone 12 Pro – HDR Dolby Eyesight Footage + channel!
Check out out Hoops by WOLF! https://open track of/0aHYvskrJfgSgfRmxWjCbZ?si=SAsPTFEXTGi9trouVSObCw

Obtain these clips to observe in HDR!
What is HDR?
This one’s sort of magic –
That hat shot –
This one particular slaps –
The Art of HDR – Marc Bach:


Peter’s Apple iphone 12 Pro Camera Review!
Tyler’s Iphone 12: A Photographer’s Review
Sam’s Iphone 12 Pro True Environment Photography Review

Roman’s Magical HDR:
Faruk (iPhoneDo)

Casey’s Movie out?v=qaanivZHttE

Low Light-weight Iphone 12 Dolby Eyesight Digital camera Examination ft Wolf!

Extra WOLF!…


Iphone 12 Professional Review – Skip it IF… – Youtube

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34 thoughts on “Apple iphone 12 Professional Review – Skip it IF…”
  1. Of all the YT reviewers of the iPhone 12 Pro, I think you’re the most unbiased. You have an honest and spot-on reviews, negatives & positives and the what the phone really is in real usage. Am all praised on how you presented the iPhone 12 Pro to a non-techie/ordinary person who’s about to replace my iPhone XR. Kudos to you. You really are legendary!

  2. I move to 12 pro because my 11 pro max was 86% battery health, and i regret it update to ios 14, i should not update and still with the original ios 13. Much dffrnt.
    12 pro is super Slick and smooth with ios 14.

  3. As an iPhone X user, is it still worth it to get the iPhone 11 Pro Max instead of the 12 Pro max in 2021? Looking to upgrade, but still considering the value of both.

  4. Great video! Keep up the good work and let us know!

    I would just like to ask you the following: I will buy iphone for the first time and I do not know which of the two to get the 11 pro or the 12 pro? All I care about is whether the 12pro battery will give me a day of use without any games. I know from my acquaintances that the 11 pro has an excellent battery but the 12pro ???? If anyone knows I would print it out to tell me.

  5. But – an I right that the iPhone 12 Pro can record in Dolby Vision, but can't play these videos in full quality as the Display is only 8 bit color depth, but Dolby Vision has 10 bit color depth? Afaik, the iPhone 12 Pro has only a 8 bit display (look @ Apple specsheet: exactly the same display specs as the regular iPhone 12). So one really needs an external screen with 10 bit color depth to look videos in Dolby Vision. Only really highend displays do support 10 bit color depth.

  6. I still have an iPhone 6… I'm not sure what I'll upgrade to. I've had an Android phone at one point (was Donut, I believe) so I don't know if it's better now.
    I'm really used to iOS but a bit strapped for cash for something that I don't use much. It's great when you're out but I've been home for like a year… I use my phone to make call, that's it.
    I might actually get a Nokia 3310. It was my first phone and I miss the battery life.

  7. What is with the shirt bro like I’m sorry I’m so tired of white people pandering to minorities great video but that just fuck man

  8. I love it… About time a review that talks to the value of the features and benefits vs. the Specs that are about the 12 Pro.. Awesome review!!! I love the way you have been able to dumb this down for the everyday person Jonathan! Thanks for your brilliant content…

  9. Are you also experiencing errors or big delays playing Dolby Vision videos on the iPhone’s Photos? It’s so annoying! My iPhone 12 Pro Max is 3 days old and it’s already buggy 😢 It came out of the box with iOS 14 and I have updated to 14.2.1.

  10. Why does no one talk about the fact that if you shut 5G off it significantly raises battery life? And with the new Qualcomm chipset in them the signal for LTE is entirely better then before.

  11. would this be a good first iphone? im thinking of up grading my pixel 3 xl to this or maybe the equivalent samsung?

  12. Great video and straight to the point. Perfect video length. First time came across your channel, amazing work 👍

  13. I haven't finished watching this video but dude, where may I buy that shirt? Even though the election has taken place but I like it.

  14. I’m fortunate to be able to upgrade every year. With the 12 Pro, I wasn’t blown away. I kind of miss the 11 Pro with the green finish, but I do love the flat edges again.

  15. That was a great review because I’m the use case you picked up on. I had an iPhone 7 since it came out and needed a new phone. I waited for the 12s to come out and went for pro in the end because to get 128 the difference was only £150 or £6 a month. I do love it and jumping all those generations it blows my mind in terms of camera quality. I know the Pro Max is ‘better’ but it’s just too darned big. I’ll be keeping this probably for four or five years.

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