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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Apple iPad Air Review!

Apple iPad Air Review! – Video clip

iPad Air Review – The DeFacto tablet from a Googler’s POV!

Apple iPad Air (16GB):

iPad Air Sample images… nah. It is a pill.

Games performed: Riptide GP2, VTT3

Video clip Equipment I use:

Intro Monitor: ASDF Film Song
Outro Observe: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5



Apple iPad Air Review! – Youtube

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41 thoughts on “Apple iPad Air Review!”
  1. Watching this on my iPad Air. Now 8 years old. Still as good as new. I would say better than new because now it runs iOS 12. All in all great device. Totally worth it and everlasting.

  2. I Bought this IPAD after watching this exact same review. Now Here i am 8yrs down the line watching it again on the same IPAD AIR

  3. Got this in 2014 but I dropped it in 2020 😭 I upgraded to an iPad Pro 2020 and got a bigger memory 🤩. This was a good investment.

  4. Thank you so much my friend. Your review is clear and really useful 👍
    I am ready to buy this iPad now! Best greetings from Derby, UK 😎

  5. And here me in 2021 trying pubg on ipad Air full graphics

    Edit – Pubg works absolutely fine on medium graphics

  6. I have just upgraded to the iPad Air 4 after 7 years of using the original one. I can’t sing it’s praises enough and the only reason I upgraded it because the charging port had become slightly enlarged. That’s because I’ve an health condition where I’m in bed most of the time and we’re often charging it on a 3m lead whilst using it.

  7. I use this but I wished I didn’t have the 16gb storage version coz my fav is this one like everything is good in this ipad

  8. I'm fixing my ipad air in 2020 . Just came again watch review to more motive to use ❤️ thanks MKBHD👍🔥

  9. Bruh, this man had me thinking this was a brand new video, never changes, voice and editing style, just the tech and photo quality

  10. Prince Daniel for from Philadelphia like to YouTube video for YouTube videos from Philadelphia I love your videos on YouTube Tony do talk about you hit the highest marks about Electronics on the Mart on YouTube I'm so happy and I'm so proud of what you do and keep on doing about electronic you come people out there to pick which one is more better than anyone and I want to know how you get your PlayStation 5 I went to every store and they sold out

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