ALO#YQRGFSJK> Apple Enjoy Sequence 6 NIKE Version - REVIEW -
Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Apple Check out Series 6 NIKE Version – REVIEW

Apple Check out Series 6 NIKE Version – REVIEW – Movie

Unboxing and review of the new Apple Watch Series 6 – Nike Version. Other than the special enjoy faces, this is the actual identical observe as the common Series 6. Regrettably it only arrives in two finishes of Place Gray and Silver.

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Apple Enjoy Sequence 6 NIKE Version – REVIEW – Youtube

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25 thoughts on “Apple Enjoy Sequence 6 NIKE Version – REVIEW”
  1. The Nike edition is always one of my fav Apple products (obvi has to do with my sick addiction of all things Nike). Unfortunately it only comes in 2 finishes, Space Grey and Silver – but I still think it's worth it just for those limited edition Watch Faces!

  2. How did i even forgot the new password i changed for my Watch 0S7 thanks moe for the instant unlock''

  3. This is amazing how fast you unlocked my icloud lock for iwatch 3 without losing any data.

  4. This color watch band is hard to find and can’t find this version anymore or maybe I’m not looking deep enough?

  5. I have never been able to get the Nike model but I’m destined to get it when series 7 comes out

  6. Stainless steel is heavier , when you’re running you want the lightest material possible , plus you’d scratch it up ALOT

  7. This watch is horrendous going swimming in the screen will get stuck you can’t even pause the watch in the pool when you want a rest

  8. Iwatch 6 and Nike edition iwatch 6 both are same in features and they both get the same updates The difference between them is the faces and the band right??
    I’m planning to buy an iwatch for the first time. So thought to clear my doubts

  9. I have an Apple Watch I don’t wear and pay £20 per month for it. I’m ok paying it to finish the contract off. However if I delete the plan from the watch, would I be able to give the watch to my gf for her to add her own plan to it. I would obviously still pay off my subscription.

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