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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Actual APR from staking.

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Actual APR from staking.


Actual APR from staking. – Reddit


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  1. ROS: Return on Stake. APR refers to interest paid to a loan of sorts.

    You were looking for APY (Annual Percentage Yield), but the proper term is ROS.

    This guy shows a graph and it’s estimated to go from 6% to 3% in 3 years, but in actuality, the decay is a bit slower due to pools not always hitting 100% of their assigned blocks.

    We went from slightly over 5% to about 4.5% in a little over a year.

    Keep in mind that as the number of users and transactions go up, the ROS will go up too. The aim is to have all of the staking rewards be driven by network usage when there are millions of users.

  2. Nothing to do with the treasury. The treasury is for funding future development of Cardano. A percentage of transaction fees each epoch go to the treasury. The amount of rewards released each epoch is set by an adjustable parameter that represents a percentage of the total reserve plus the portion of the transaction fees that do not go to the treasury. The reserve does not grow in value, it is slowly depleting over time. So, until the transaction fees are significantly high enough to replace the ADA that has come out of the reserves, the staking rewards will slowly decline. This is not really set to happen for decades; so the Cardano network should see enough transaction volume and fees to supplant the reserves by the time the reserves are significantly low.

  3. Today I got 0.599 on 1002 ADA => .599 / 1002 * 7300 = 4.36%

    (not actual numbers but proportioned)

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