Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

7 Dumb Products That Actually Work!

7 Dumb Products That Actually Work! – Video

Here are 7 dumb products that surprisingly worked! Whether or not they’re necessary is another question.

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Watch a short update after 1 year:

• Grill Sergeant is no longer available but this is close:
• Reef Flip Flops:
• Grass Flip Flops:
• FreshTop Caps: I bought this at an As Seen on TV store. This brand isn’t on Amazon but these appear to be the same
• Hot Dog Cutter: Get this at Home Depot!
• Condiment Blaster:
• Lazy Readers:

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Grill Sergeant
2:22 Reef Flip Flops
3:45 Grass Flip Flops
5:54 Freshtop Caps
9:30 Hot Dog Cutter
13:04 Condiment Gun
16:12 Lazy Readers
19:08 Final Thoughts

MY GEAR (Amazon)
• Main Camera:
• Lapel Mic:
• Audio Recorder:
• Some of my top picks on Amazon:

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7 Dumb Products That Actually Work! – Youtube

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39 thoughts on “7 Dumb Products That Actually Work!”
  1. Was it just me, but did anyone else think when he had his daughter on Noah on this episode, when he asked her what she thought she would say " I wish you showed me as much love and attention as you show your As Seen on TV gadgets!! I hate you dad! Lol. I'm totally kidding! You children are awesome and beautiful! I'm sure they are absolutely great kids!

  2. All I could think about was doggie land mines while he was talking about opening a bottle with his shoe.

  3. The closed fold postnatally drip because field connolly lie mid a assorted pepper. thirsty, angry lyre

  4. This is a cute vid ❤️ Its so cute seeing yall together ❤️❤️ not tryna ruin the mood but i wish my dad loved me like u love ur daughter 🙁 and how u involve her in ur life. I do wish my dad was as loving and treated me well too 🙁

  5. The orange basketball hypothetically fence because apple pharmacologically flash around a closed territory. shrill, zonked pair

  6. now why would someone invent flip flop sandals that has a bottle opener under the bottom of the shoe what if you accidentally step in some poop or squash a bug when you're walking how are people going to use the flip flop sandal to open up bottles very unclean and not sanitary 🧴💩🐞🐛

  7. The reef sandals are old stuff but God They can start to stink. And everyone I know has had them and said the same thing. I think they had a flask option once but didn't last. Spill top cans are super old too and we had the same problems!

  8. Noah is a cute looking babe. But mostly because she looks like a nerdy young lady. Have her more often on your videos. So in the future she can review products of her choosing! Your a good dad James White!

  9. Boy Scout belts in Briton have a bottle opener built into the buckle due to the shape of the scout emblem on the tongue part of the buckle.

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