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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

5 Cereal Gadgets that Actually Work!

5 Cereal Gadgets that Actually Work! – Video

Today I’m trying out five different cereal gadgets, and they actually worked! I don’t know how well the dispenser will keep cereal fresh in humid air, so I’d be curious if anyone has experience in such a climate.

Here’s a short update 1 year later:

• Dispenser:
• Crunch Cup: or
• Obol:
• Cereal on the Go:
• Magic Bag Sticks:

0:00 Introduction
0:27 Cereal Dispenser
3:15 The Crunch Cup
6:19 Obol
8:05 Magic Bag Sealer
10:57 Cereal on the Go
14:33 Final Thoughts

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5 Cereal Gadgets that Actually Work! – Youtube

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28 thoughts on “5 Cereal Gadgets that Actually Work!”
  1. What was the purple and white cereal? I’ve had it, but can’t remember, Kashi maybe? Anyway, I LOVE your channel and never miss an episode!

  2. Nothing negative about the Obol? Really? How about that it's really big & cumbersome, takes up a lot of space & isn't stackable? What typical kitchen has room for that?

  3. hello with your cereal dispenser with mine I had to get a Stanley knife and cut every second rubber tongue out of the centre of it so it wouldn't to up the serial because it does with certain cereal

  4. Lol, Crunch Cup “drink or bite.” Funny.
    I have a Magic Bag Sealer! Just one, but I use it for my ground coffee bag. I love it! Mine is the same as the green. Go for it and get more.
    I like the cereal dispenser, but the O bowl and the Crunch cup, Nah, I’ll pass.

  5. If you don't like soggy cereal (which I don't), how about just big "Jethro" bowl of milk, and only put in a little cereal at a time? Either direct from the box (if you are going to eat a lot), or from a glass/second bowl that you have JUST DRY CEREAL in? Hello? Then you don't need these gadgets. I've been doing this since the Carter administration.

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  9. I think for the on-the-go cup, when doing the temperature comparison you shouldve included the temperature of the milk straight out of the fridge. other than that, great video!

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