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Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

10 Previously Reviewed Gadgets, 1 Year Later (Update #31)

10 Previously Reviewed Gadgets, 1 Year Later (Update #31) – Video

Here are recaps and updates on my 301st through 310th product reviews about a year ago. Below are links to the original reviews and where to buy each product, if available.

301. 6 Gadgets Under $15
• Original Review:

302. Potato Chip Maker
• Original Review:

303. Draft Top
• Original Review:

304. 4 Gadgets That Surprisingly Work
• Original Review:

305. 3 Alternative Belts
• Original Review:

306. Hot Dog Gadgets
• Original Review:

307. Banana Gadgets
• Original Review:

308. Ronco Ice Cream Machine
• Original Review:

309. Levitating Gadgets
• Original Review:

310. Tiny Flashlights
• Original Review:

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0:00 Introduction
0:14 6 Gadgets Under $15
2:58 Potato Chip Maker
4:53 Draft Top
6:50 4 Surprising Gadgets
9:11 Alternative Belts
11:40 Hot Dog Gadgets
14:15 Banana Gadgets
16:10 Ronco Ice Cream Machine
18:47 Levitating Gadgets
21:24 Tiny Flashlights
24:00 Conclusion

Music by Epidemic Sound
“Ever Felt pt.1” by Otis McDonald

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10 Previously Reviewed Gadgets, 1 Year Later (Update #31) – Youtube

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27 thoughts on “10 Previously Reviewed Gadgets, 1 Year Later (Update #31)”
  1. Always love your videos! The dog reactions are always a plus for me💜 as a headshaver, would love to see if you have any razor recommendations

  2. My favorite series of videos ☺
    The Rovyvon is actually a great flashlight. It's a well-known brand in the EDC community, you picked correctly 👍

    Happy new year!

  3. There's an even easier way to open a banana without squishing the ends, just open it from the bottom. You wouldn't think so, but it opens much easier that way.

  4. Could you please do some more obviously useful things? Unfortunately at the beginning of most episodes i can already call it on if it is any good or not just based on what it is/how its supposed to be used. Things like the potato chip maker, hotdog gadgets, or can lid thing, are obviously bad products. But things like the flashlight review are honestly good and useful to people looking to buy.
    I get that its a lot of "as seen on tv" and most of that stuff is gimmick, but i do like to watch with it in the back of my mind that i could want to buy something you review, but unfortunately most of the gimmick products are just so bad that the pool i have to choose from is only a handful out of hundreds of videos.

  5. I got Lock Laces for my mom's shoes and they have saved her so much time. She had a back surgery 3 years ago now where they had to put two chromium bars in her back, 24 bolts and replace the discs and can't really bend over anymore. She can put her foot up on a chair and tie her shoe quickly now.
    Another amazing thing she uses is the Doff N' Donner (not an as seen on tv product but under $100 USD) to put on compression hose on her legs… More people honestly need to know about it for their elderly family or people with issues. While she was recovering I had to help her put on her hose, but with the Donner, I could get both hose, socks and shoes on in 15 mins.

  6. I would think n was kinda hoping the sunglass holder would have 20 pairs of your trademark look circle mirror glasses! ha

  7. DO NEW STUFF!!! Stop doin these stupid “one year later” “gadgets from last week” crap! It’s old

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