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10 Previously Reviewed Gadgets, 1 Year Later (Update #30)

10 Previously Reviewed Gadgets, 1 Year Later (Update #30) – Video

Here are recaps and updates on my 291st through 300th product reviews about a year ago. Below are links to the original reviews and where to buy each product, if available. Stay tuned to the very end for a quick retrospective of all 30 update videos over the past 5 years.

291. WowBacon
• Original Review:
• Where to purchase & written review:

292. Briefcase BBQ
• Original Review:
• Purchase info & written review:

293. USB Dishwasher
• Original Review:
• Where to purchase & written review:

294. Cooling Gadgets
• Original Review:
• Where to purchase & written review:

295. USB Batteries
• Original Review:

296. ShamWow Mask
• Original Review:
• Purchase info and written review:

297. Pet Hair Removers
• Original Review:
• Pet Wedge:
• Lilly Brush:
• Fur-Zoff:

298. Rollova
• Original Review:
• Buy it at

299. BarkBox/PupBox
• Original Review:
• Buy ’em at or

300. SideTrak
• Original Review:
• Buy it:

• Main Camera:
• Main Lens:
• 2nd Camera:
• 2nd Camera Lens:
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0:00 Introduction
0:12 WowBacon
1:46 Briefcase BBQ
3:15 USB Dishwasher
5:27 Cooling Gadgets
8:04 USB Batteries
9:43 ShamWow Mask
11:49 Pet Hair Removers
14:27 Rollova
16:42 BarkBox/PupBox
19:26 SideTrak
21:24 Conclusion Part 1
21:48 Updates 1-30 Intros

Music by Epidemic Sound
“Ever Felt pt.1” by Otis McDonald

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10 Previously Reviewed Gadgets, 1 Year Later (Update #30) – Youtube

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39 thoughts on “10 Previously Reviewed Gadgets, 1 Year Later (Update #30)”
  1. Soaking dishes in hot soapy water is the move. Set it, come back in 30 minutes, and at most you have to scrub a tiny bit with a sponge to get really stuck on stuff.

  2. Hey James you may already be doing this but I couldn’t find it when I looked. I want to hear about your all-time favorites, wether they are new or old. which gadgets do you use all the time or at least as frequently as once a week.
    Sometimes technology comes out with a product better than one you had loved before. tell us about it. if you traded up I wanna hear about it.

  3. As an auto detailer specializing in interiors, I can tell you that the Lilly Brush is hands-down the best on the market right now for removing pet hair. I have three (two back-ups).

  4. I love Bailey's toy collection and pile of tennis balls on the porch. Tennis balls & retrievers: match made in heaven.
    I just realized that keeping your shamwow mask in the car is a great idea because when you spill your drink in the car you've got something to clean up with! I love products with dual purposes 😆

  5. I enjoy all of your videos James. Would you consider reviewing the Spurtle by Lucinda Scala Quinn. I keep seeing the commercial.

  6. Please introduce this “fourth” person of the family! Me and my wife have been watching for 2 years now and always watch your new videos before bed together!

  7. OH this will sound dumb but i found a use for the USB "dishwasher" i have a huge stockpot and an ice chest that i often use to do food brineing like we did a brine turkey last year, and the thing goes in that. we dont bother to stick it to anything but just drop it twards the bottom and let it run, few hours later come back, pull it out, turn it on again, let it run again. works great to keep brine stired up and if it breaks .. who cares it was 3 bucks on wish, ill just order another one 🙂

  8. “ theres no G in grilling, its grillin”
    Me there is a G its the first letter🤣🤣

    Ik what he ment i just wanted to be funny

  9. I had barkbox for a year but being a Canadian their shipping sucks. They weren't set up with CBSA properly so the boxes kept getting siezed at the border. I quit for a year and then tried again this summer. Did 3 boxes and 1 went missing and the other had products my dogs were allergic to and they had on file they were allergic to in the box.
    Cancelled again.
    It's too bad. Their customer service is awesome, the treats my dogs love, the toys are cute and good quality.. but just the shipping issues kills them for me.

  10. As someone who has a laptop on only uses it on the road, I’d love a bigger and better deplorable 2nd monitor like that. But for 300 for what it is, and compared to the size of my laptop, i just couldnt and wouldnt

  11. seems like the beard is the main difference in every intro. Seems like that black hat is your favorite for outdoors ehh.

  12. 4 people you have to feed? I know your son and daughter, and you. You never really mentioned a gf/ wife/ partner

    (1) Get a microwave safe dinner plate. Put a doube layer of paper towles down over it.
    (2) Lay a row of bacon on the paper towels. Put a doube layer of paper towles over the bacon.
    (3) Repeat as desired, multiple stacks are fine.
    (4) Put in the microwave on high power for 10 minutes.
    (5) Check bacon. Cook another 5 minutes if crispy bacon is desired.
    Easy cleanup too! Just wash a single dish.. throw paper towels away.

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