Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

1 Year on YouTube! Behind the Scenes Vlog

1 Year on YouTube! Behind the Scenes Vlog – Video

This week marks the one year anniversary of the first video posted to the Freakin’ Reviews YouTube channel. Today I’m giving you a behind the scenes vlog at how I find my As Seen on TV products along with a look at how some things have changed over the past year.

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Music by Epidemic Sound.
“Opposite Forces 5” Peter Sandberg

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1 Year on YouTube! Behind the Scenes Vlog – Youtube

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38 thoughts on “1 Year on YouTube! Behind the Scenes Vlog”
  1. I have really enjoyed the videos that I’ve watched. And, Bailey is a cute dog. However, some of her behavior is indicator of some neurological issues. Have you ever talked to her Vet and told them that that she’s constantly chasing her tail? Or her impulsivetivity ? ( Ex: she was doing fine in your outro and out of nowhere she must’ve started jumping on you, because you screamed—kinda like a girl, LOL. 🤣😉😉
    Did NOT mean that as derogatory. Just being silly. And, before you ask, YES, I HAVE had my neuropsychological evaluation…😇😘

  2. WOW those couple shots where you don’t have the full beard… I’m so used to seeing you now with a beard or at least a mustache and goatee and you look so different!!

  3. I love the on-the-go, on-location aspect that you do. I think your channel benefits a lot from that. I definitely think the pet stuff is gonna be popular too. Congrats.

  4. I've binged watched literally all his videos. Nice speaking voice, thorough reviews and then there's BAILEY! What more could you want?

  5. That was great! I know you're well past the one year at this point but I gotta say that I love it when you take the camera on the road, and I have a full beard so I understand and appreciate the sacrifices you've made for this channel haha. Keep em coming! And I'd love to see reviewws of literally any product or service, doesn't have to be As Seen On TV, it's all good, just love watching you review stuff!

  6. Thank you for 1 year of unbiased reviews of ASOTV products!!! I think you are doing a great job!! I really enjoy your YouTube channel, keep up the awesome work!!!

  7. I just discovered you on YouTube last night. Good to know you have been around a year and have over 30 thousand subscribers! I just became one. I'm one of those guys who always wants to know the real truth behind the "as seen on TV" stuff, and only fall-for those tempting ads once a year or so and usually regret it. I like your honesty and you're fun to watch. I may agree or disagree with you, but as you said recently, "your mileage may vary". I did NOT know that you were such an accomplished musician, but Congratulations on those degrees, too. Now that you've finished your first year, and I look forward to much more from your channel. P.S. I LOVE your dog, Bailey, too !

  8. I didn't see any videos that you reviewed the Power Precision Cooker. I've seen it at Walmart and I looked at the infomercial video but I don't know if saves any time cooking and also it was kind of pricey. Maybe you can take a look at it……..cheers. 🙂

  9. Happy one year anniversary James! I've been with you since almost the beginning. I enjoy your videos…and I love seeing Bailey in them! Keep up the good work.

  10. I…F*CKING…LOVE…WALMART!!! hahaha. damn has it been a year already? crazy. you should do more vlogs. i like seeing what you do during your typical day

  11. Congrats bro! Love your reviews got the one blade because of you! Do the hurricane duster next so I'll know if it's worth it! Rock on get the Led out!

  12. WAIT


    As a fellow baldie, is getting my hair lasered off an option? I mean, I started losing my shit in high school, it's not like I'll ever have hair again as a thirtysomething.

  13. How wonderful! One year! I appreciate all of your videos and I really liked this one. I think that it's because of the way you do things that I trust your reviews and your impressions. Keep up the fantastic work…I for one really appreciate knowing who to ask when I have questions about "as seen on TV"….but why don't you like Walmart? I spend entirely too much time in Walmart! lol. God Bless!

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